Reframe with Jenna Zoe aims to answer all the questions our beloved community sends in. Most of the time I can get back to you on IG, but some of the questions are so juicy (and things we’re collectively wondering) that they warrant much more love and attention than that. 

The idea behind Reframe is that when I want to make a positive change in my life, instructions like ‘surrender to the Universe’ or ‘follow your bliss’ sometimes make me feel worse about myself rather than empowered because I don’t know HOW to bring that in to my daily experience. So then I feel like I’m just not doing the spirituality thing well enough and that’s a surefire way to stay stuck. The biggest lesson Human Design has taught me is that when you want to change something, don’t first attempt to push and force – look to change your understanding towards that thing. From there, when you have that aha moment, taking action becomes a lot easier. Changes that stick are practical tweaks we can make to what we’re currently doing. 
Hence our new offering is called Reframe with Jenna Zoe, because it’s about all the little ahas that changed the way I was seeing something that then effortlessly brought more upward motion into my life. 

I take a gentler, kinder approach with my growth than what we’re told to do, and I kinda like it. 

I wanted it to be straight to the point, so each episode is 15 mins or less, directly addressing something you want to know. We don’t have guests and ads because it’s not intended to be a long form podcast. I just wanna get down to the nugget ☺️ You can find us by searching ‘Reframe with Jenna Zoe’ on whatever podcast platform you like to use (iTunes, Spotify, etc). Can’t wait to see you there!