Rabbit Hole

This is a safe space for you to learn all the Human Design information your soul desires, in one comprehensive and easy to understand place. To get started, visit www.mybodygraph.com and input your birth information to get your individual HD chart, then return here to learn more about your own, or loved ones, energy types.

Our first offering is the foundation of what you need to understand about yourself – your Energy Type. You are either a Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, Projector or Reflector. These are kind of the ‘101’ on how you specifically are designed to show up in the world. Your chart will say so much more about your soul’s specific mission, and we will be rolling out many courses from here on how to work, parent, eat, and be in relationships based on who you are. But mastering your energy type is perhaps the most profound change of them all and I’m so excited to share these foundations with you.

We also have an in-depth video on how to manifest based on your human design type, in collaboration with my friend Lacy Phillips whose manifestation work is changing the world, you can check out more from her at www.freeandnative.com

You can also follow our Instagram @jennazoedaily and join the conversation with other “Rabbit Holers” in our private FaceBook Group¬†www.facebook.com/groups/humandesignwithjennazoe

I hope this helps you on your journey of unbecoming all the things the world told you to be, so you can truly be who your soul wants to be.

Love, Jenna

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