Projectors – navigating work and career




This video was recorded live with Jenna in November 2019

We get so many questions on how projectors should navigate work lives, this class will dive into all the different aspects you guys are curious about including:

  1. How do I figure out my niche
  2. How do I make invitations come
  3. How do I put my self out there whilst still living my design
  4. How to make that  “working 2-3 hours per day work”
  5. How to start a business
  6. How to have/start your own business and still live your design
  7. How to work in an office and still live your design
  8. How to be full time employed and still live your design
  9. What to do outside of the 2-3 hours I’m working
  10. Tons of time for answering YOUR question

Running time:  1 hour and 40 mins

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