Digestion – Bundle of all 18 videos



This is a bundle of all the Digestion color/tone videos, 18 in total plus two introductory videos for anyone wanting to learn about all the possible variables.

Note: this does not give you access to the Advanced MMI software necessary to find out someone’s colour and tone known as the primary health system (PHS) or part 1 of the Four Transformations.

These customised videos covers two important elements; your digestion and your strongest sense.

Your digestion: Eating well is not only about what you eat but the conditions in which you eat.  Some people are designed to eat in the calm and quiet, others are meant to eat the same thing every day, and these all matter.  Discover which of the one of 12 different variables is right for you.

Your strongest sense: Out of the 6 senses each one of us has one that is the most heightened and developed.  We should engage our dominant sense when eating, but greater than that we should also use it when sharing our gift with the world.  For instance, if your dominant sense is outer vision then your life’s work needs to end up making life more beautiful for others.

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