Digesting Life – Bundle of all videos



Everyone of us has a different way we are supposed to be digesting life.  When you take the right things in and the inputs are correct you are able to evolve into the person you came here to be.  Digestion is so important because food is the most concrete form of information that we can put inside our bodies from the outside world, so we want to optimise the way we take food in.  From a wider point of view we are also digesting how life is unfolding around us and so this programme “Digesting Life” will describe to you the best ways to set up your digestion and interaction with the world around you in order to evolve into your highest evolution.

This is a bundle of all the Digesting Life color/tone videos, 18 in total plus two introductory videos for anyone wanting to learn about all the possible variables.

Note: this does not give you access to the Advanced MMI software necessary to find out someone’s primary health system (PHS)

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