Energy Type Masterclass

The first place to start when you’re learning about your human design is your energy type – this is how you’re designed to interact and exchange energy with the world around you, whether that be with people, your purpose, or the things that life puts on your path. When we’re using our energy correctly, there is more flow and life unfolds with ease, synchronicities are everywhere. Whereas when we’re not, that’s when life throws us roadblocks like tiredness, lack of opportunities, and generally feeling uninspired. The latter symptoms are simply the Universe’s way of getting you to pivot and re-align with who you really are.

These videos essentially are a manual on how best to move through the world: how to use your energy, what to conserve it on, and how to re-align.

Each video covers:

Energy Type
– The optimal energy pattern for you
– The correct way to bring opportunities into your life
– Negative habits your Energy Type can fall into when you’re not using your energy correctly
– Tell tale signs that you are in flow and using your energy correctly

Of all the sections in Human Design, Mastering your energy type is the one that has the most profound and life-altering impact on not only you, but also everyone around you.

Running time: 40 mins approx

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