Once you’ve learned how to use your energy type, the second most important to know about your chart is your authority. Each of us has a different way we’re designed to make the right decisions in our lives, and if we align with our authority, we eliminate confusion, overthinking, anxiety and chaos. Once we listen to the voices inside of us that are meant to be in charge, we open up so much more flow and live in certainty – this is the way we were designed to move through the world. Trusting ourselves rather than placing so much power in the hands of other people and in our societal conditioning of what is ‘right’. There is no right and wrong – there is only energetically correct or incorrect for you as an individual. These videos are a highly personalised offering that will go into exactly the way you were designed to be your own authority.

To figure out which video is right for you, visit and put in your birth information. Select ‘myBodyGraphs’ from the top menu bar, and then under the right hand column called ‘Chart Properties’, you will find your energy type and your authority. Select whichever video below is made for your energy type and authority; where there are several options for you, take a look at the other energy centres in your chart – which ones are defined (colored) and which ones are undefined (white) will help you refine the correct video for you.

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