FAQ for Training Event

What are the payment plan options?

The deadline for the payment plan option is October 11th and the payments will be split into three equal payments.  More details are at the checkout stage of sign up.

Will I receive recordings of the two days afterwards to keep?

Yes, whether you sign up for attending in person or livestream you will have the video recordings of the two days to refer back to forever.

Will there be a manual or printed material for attendees?

You’ll be emailed a copy of Jenna’s slides after the event and you’ll have the recordings to refer back to.

Two days seems a short amount of time to learn everything, will I really know enough to be able to give readings?

Yes, over the 2 days we will go deep into the main properties of a chart which is enough information to give a one hour reading.  We’d advise reviewing the videos of the two days, taking notes and doing some practice readings on friends and family to hone your skills and technique.

I can attend on Saturday in person, but not on Sunday, can I do Sunday by Livestream?

Yes that’s no problem as you will receive the recordings of both days as well.

If I do Level 1 now, can I do Level 2 in the future?

Yes, we’ll release Level 2 periodically.

I already know quite a lot about the basics of Human Design, can I just do Level 2 without doing Level 1 first?

The information that is readily available on the internet/podcast and media about the topics listed in the level 1 course barely scratch the surface of how deep these go (and are sometimes inaccurate), the complexities of level 2 will only really make sense if you know how to go deep with what’s covered in level 1

Can you tell me little bit more about becoming an accredited reader?

We have hundreds of people who come to us looking for a one on one reading and we’re so excited to be able to start referring them to you, and at the same to support your business as a reader. We’ll have your profile, booking details and website listed on our site under ‘book a reading’ so that people can find you in this list of readers that we trust and recommend.

How do you select who can be an accredited reader?

We’ll have you video yourself giving a reading of a dummy chart, for approx. 45 mins as the assessment.

How much will it cost monthly to be an accredited reader?

The cost will be $25 per week which is easily covered by your first reading of every month.

Who sets the cost of readings?

You can set your own cost but we would advise starting around $150 for a one hour reading

Will you allocate clients to readers or how will it work?

We’ll have a directory of readers on our website and individuals will choose who they go to, you will have the opportunity to add a photo, website link and a short paragraph about yourself

Will there be ongoing support for accredited readers?

Yes, we’ll have a private forum for questions and support.

Can you recommend places to stay near to the venue?

There are many hotels and airbnb in the Hammersmith area but two hotels we’d recommend are:

Novotel London West and Holiday Inn Express Hammersmith