PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently taking new bookings for Jenna as she is booked 12 months in advance, we will look at reopening bookings in Spring 2019

Human Design is all about how you interact with the world around you in order to be your Highest Self. We are each so unique that no guidelines will work best for all of us. Your reading will give you your own personalised set of guidelines on how to become who you came to be.

Once you have booked your reading, if you haven’t already, obtain your free body design chart via My Body Graph  You will need your birth details (including exact time)

We strongly recommend that you purchase and listen to your design type audio download which you can find in the Rabbit Hole.  If you have not listened to this before your reading with Jenna the first 30 mins of the reading will require Jenna to impart this information.  Having listened to it beforehand you will have a full 60 mins for a personal reading and time to ask questions.

Readings are done on video call via FaceTime and last one hour.

Please make sure you provide your cell/mobile number for Jenna to call you and ensure you are in a place of good wifi connection for the session.

You may like to record the call as you will receive a lot of information in the hour, a notebook and pencil may also be useful.

Jenna is not available for in person readings at this time.

Booking slots are shown in the timezone you are in at the time of booking, please make sure your device is set to your correct timezone.