I first came across Human Design when I had my own chart done by a shaman. I was so shocked at how accurate it was, I felt pulled to learn more about how and why this new technology has so much truth to share. My own reading was like having a mirror held up to my soul and for the first time, I felt reconnected to the person who I had always hoped I was, underneath all the layers of social conditioning and ego mind.

In learning the technical aspect of reading a chart, I discovered I was able to channel messages and receive intuitive downloads for people through Human Design, which is when I felt called to make it my craft.

For me, the greatest medicine from Human Design is the message that we are not all the same. Even most mainstream spirituality will give us all the same advice on how to thrive in life, but I always felt deep down that we each need something more personalised. Human Design confirmed this for me. We all have different contracts about who we came here to be, and therefore it makes sense that we all need our individual guidebook on how to navigate through life.

It is my pleasure and my privilege to help you discover your own guidebook.