“Human Design is the contract your soul makes with Universe about who you came to be, what you came to experience and what karma you came to correct” Jenna Zoe

Jenna has an innate gift for  channeling Human Design, a new system of self-discovery helping reconnect people to who they came to be. The main focus of her work is de-conditioning – ie. unlearning who you were told to be, so that you can be free to be who your Soul came here to be.

Jenna grew up in London and started her career as an intern in fashion publishing followed by several years working as a PA to her business mentor Tamara Mellon at Jimmy Choo. She went on to found two successful food businesses but intrinsically knew she was not living her life in the truest sense. Having her Human Design chart read Jenna was shocked at the accuracy and describes it as having a mirror held up to her soul.  It enabled Jenna to reconnect to the person she had always felt she was underneath all the layers of social conditioning and ego mind.

In learning the technical aspect of reading a Human Design chart Jenna discovered she was able to channel messages from Spirit, so it became evident that this was the work that truly set her soul on fire. Today her work on acceptance, what it truly means to be you, and how to make spiritual growth easy is parlayed through talks, sessions and her online programs at jennazoe.com. She is a frequent on the world’s top wellness podcasts and gives private offerings for both individuals and companies all over the world.

“I’ve tried most “esoteric readings” out there, but Human Design felt as if Jenna was vocalizing my soul” – Lacy Phillips, Free&Native

“For me, the greatest medicine from Human Design is the message that we are not all the same. Even most mainstream spirituality will give us all the same advice on how to thrive in life, but I always felt deep down that we each need something more personalised. Human Design confirmed this for me. We all have different contracts about who we came here to be, and therefore it makes sense that we all need our individual guidebook on how to navigate through life.” – Jenna Zoe