To me, Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to correct this lifetime around.

Human Design combines so many different schools of wisdom in one: the Hindu chakras, the Chinese iChing, conventional astrology and the kabbalistic Tree of Life – but the result is an entirely new system that’s here to realign you with exactly who you are meant to be. The most radical thing we can do for ourselves and for the collective, is be bold enough to be our real selves. We weren’t built to be all the same, and we do a disservice to our whole tribe when we hold each other to that homogeny.

We are born as our Highest Selves, naturally living our innate inclinations. But as life goes on, we are exposed to external influences (from parents, peers, school, society) that tell us to be different than what we truly are – we become conditioned out of our nature.  The journey to becoming your Highest Self is therefore not about pushing yourself to become a spiritually ‘perfect’ person, but a gentle unbecoming, or deconditioning process – coming back to your true self before the world told you how to be.

The best part is that you don’t need to make massive changes in your circumstances to make use of Human Design. “You can stay in the same job and just change the energetics of how you show up, and that changes everything,” says Zoe. “That’s what’s magical about it.”  To me it’s like reading the ‘costume’ your soul chooses to wear in this incarnation. And the more we can recognize what energies are inherently part of this costume, the more we can show up are our most authentic, happiest selves.

This world floods us with messages about who we should be in order to survive and thrive in this world – but Human Design teaches that the same advice is not correct for everybody. For example, it’s right for one person to be listening to her instincts, but not for another. One person shouldn’t be driven by a need for power and influence, and the other should.  The way I see it, it’s beautiful because there is no good and bad in Human Design, just differences – and when you accept that you are different you can really and truly accept the other for who they are too.

Our free will, when we get to know our own design better, is whether we choose to play out our inherent selves in a high-vibe or low-vibe way.

There are five main “types” in Human Design, which give us general guidance about how we should be directing our energies.  Of course, there will be more complex directions for each individual based on their chart, but this is a good place to start: 

Tidbits on good and bad charts: – The best thing you can do when you’re looking at your chart is to realise that from the perspective of the way we were each designed, there is absolute equality. There is truly no good chart and bad chart. The charts of history’s worst criminals reveal so much brilliance and warmth, but fears and anxieties too. Just like me and you. – What determines our ascension is our intentions, and the attitude we take towards your growth – are we excited and positive about the idea of constant self-betterment, or are we so scared of what flaws we might discover about ourselves that we don’t even wanna look? (Spoiler: we have both, but hopefully we tip the balance in the right direction). – I can assure you there is no thought or fear you’ll discover about yourself that all of your best friends don’t share too. Fundamentally we all want to belong and be loved, and we all fear we’re somehow undeserving of that. But what will make us not belong is not who we are, it’s whether as a society we’re accepting and loving enough of each other. Because love and acceptance transforms people. – Whenever you fear not belonging, it’s a call to be more accepting of others (this was a HUGE lesson for me). – All the people you put on a pedestal have just as many flaws and just as much genius as you do. The only difference is that people who live their dream lives don’t believe their flaws make them bad people, or failures, or incapable. If you want to fast track your ascension, the best thing to give up is this constant assessment we do of ourselves to figure out whether we’re good or bad people. There is no such thing. You get to choose which one you want to feed on this moment, and our life is just a string of those added up. – You deserve everything YOU truly desire, because the Universe gave YOU that specific set of dreams as the signposts of your life, telling you where to go.

More tidbits: – after yesterday’s post about the profiles, I realised we don’t discuss them enough. To me they’re equally important as energy type. If energy type tells you how to operate, profile tells you who you are. It’s the HD of equivalent of those personality tests we love that tell us if we’re the Warrior, the Lover, the Hero, etc. Personality wise, we’re most alike people who have the same profile as us. Do you know yours? What’s your fave bit about it? Mine is that my 2/4 has taught be to be less of an ice queen and embrace the warm and fuzzy of life. – when I first learned about my digestion profile, I didn’t ‘like’ the changes to my lifestyle I’d have to make to live by it (I’m indirect light btw). So I kind of put it in the background and cracked on with my own way. YEARS later (yes, I can be stubborn), I’m fully embracing it and my health issues are miraculously disappearing. Even though it doesn’t ‘make sense’ in the eyes of nutrition science. But more importantly my brain is firing properly, I’m clear in my thoughts and body, and I feel like I finally have ENERGY again. The lesson here is instead of letting your mind decide what’s right for you, just give it a TRY and let the side effects it brings into your life speak for themselves. Give things an opportunity to reveal their magic to you instead of letting your ego decide. -to me there are maybe 8-10 hours worth of things to tell someone about their chart, and I want 80% of that to be readily available and accessible to everyone, reading or no reading. That’s why we offer a whole HD video library that covers all the major things in your chart – you’ve got access to around 4 or 5 readings’ worth of stuff at your fingertips, which means that you can get to intermediate level by yourself, and also that if you do book a reading, you can use it to get into the real nitty gritty of your specifics (which is what I think the magic of the readers is). They are all at under Courses. – following our Reader Training this fall, we’ll be launching a recommended readers program because I want to help readers share their gifts and give everyone who wants to have many gorgeous options.

A few HD Dating & Relationship snippets: – if you have 4 in your Profile (aka you’re a 1/4, 2/4, 4/1 or a 4/6), you’re not designed to hook up with strangers. Everyone you have liaisons with (and indeed anyone you do business with) is energetically better if you meet them through someone else you know or through a circle of peeps you’re plugged into. The 4/6s who have been conditioned to think that being fun and adventurous is more important are the ones that fight against this the most, but that’s ok in the first 30 years of their life. This is when they’re learning through making mistakes, unlike the second phase of their lives when they’ve built up enough wisdom to not need to do so much experimenting. – if you have a 3 or a 6 in your profile, it’s advisable in most cases not to get married before your Saturn Return. This is a huge transition for all of us, but these folks in particular go through giant leaps towards who they really are during this time, so you need to see if your person is able (and excited) to keep up with your levelling up. – don’t listen to any HD that says that certain types are not meant for love. E.g. single definitions can’t be in relationships. NOT TRUE! your chart simply tells you how love can best look like for you. What’s NOT right is the construct and rules we call ‘love’ today; the truth is that our perfect love relationship might look so radically different to what society accepts is ‘a healthy relationship’. Some of us need WAY more space. Some of us will need an unconventional framework. We might need more time, less time, more touch or less touch. And what’s for sure is that ALL of us need to feel more freed by love instead of bound. All of us will need to be brave enough to do it our way. What makes a relationship is the presence of mutual chemistry, kinship and open-heartedness that can be shared between people. Your design will dictate how to optimise your life around it so that the good parts flourish. PS – this is a bit of a different post for me because it’s more just tidbits on my mind instead of one longer flow. If you like the tidbits though I’ll keep em coming. Let me know what you prefer! 💖

AN INVITATION = RECOGNITION + RECEPTIVENESS The invitation is not a golden envelope that comes in the mail. The invitation isn’t always someone begging you for your input. And it definitely doesn’t need you to be on a pedestal, the knower of all things for it to happen. This invitation we talk about is not always literal, it’s an energy pattern that requires us to ‘feel’ our the situation, so I created this little equation that helps you tell if something’s an invitation or not. And Projectors – if you’re wondering WHY you have to wait for an invitation (or hating it like I first did when I heard about it), it’s simply the right way for Projectors to be exchanging with others, in order for the exchange to be good for us and good for them. It means that the giver and receiver both rise as a result. When we respect our energy type, we operate on sacred cooperation by which everyone can benefit. For non-Projectors: make sure you’re genuinely receptive and open before asking for guidance. Take all the time you need. Sooner is not better. It ensures that guidance can actually help you and it prevents uneccesary Projector bitterness 😂. We live in a win-win-win Universe: that means a TRUE win for you is also one for the other and for the state of the world in general. By living according to your strategy of waiting for the invitation, you’re allowing these divine laws of the Universe to work through you. Which is SO much for fun than pushing and forcing, that’s for sure. We’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a go. For more on the invitation, you can check out our Masterclass on Projectors (formerly known as Mastering Your Energy Type) where we go deep into how you can bring invitations into your life, and also our YouTube video called ‘is this an invitation’, both at the link in my Profile.

THE GATES The gates that are coloured in your chart pertain to certain qualities you chose to come in and explore, then hopefully master. However, they don’t have a fixed meaning. For every gate, there is a highest expression and a lowest expression, plus a whoooole scale of gray in the middle. So let’s say you have a gate that makes you a great thinker: you could use it to think about unhelpful things, think about expansive things, or not use that gift and avoid thinking altogether. The point is, Human Design charts are not as prescriptive as uou may have been lead to believe. Free will and your intention is everything. So if message 1 of Human Design is that you can’t truly ‘be’ something you’re inherently not, message 2 is you gotta transform the tools that ARE inherently yours into their most exalted. Of course that’s a nuanced and beautiful journey that lasts a lifetime, but the biggest leaps you can make towards this, whether you know nothing about the gates’ meaning or everything, is to notice when you have a thought or action that is driven by lack and fear, and to choose a better thought in that moment. This is because every lowest expression of our gates comes when lack and fear are the intentions applied into them. Lessening your lack and fear, no matter how small, always makes your aura (energetic body) resonate more closely to the magnificence it was designed to. On top of that, if you wanna get REAL complex, there are also 6 versions of each gate, demonstrated by the fact that each of the numbers you see running down the side of your chart are followed by a decimal place between 1 and 6. So Gate 36.2 in someone manifests itself differently than someone with 36.5. With this understanding we can once again see that Human Design is not primarily here to define us so dogmatically, but simply to bring us understanding on our own journey of ascension which no human mind, science or art could ever fully describe. (PS. gates will be a primary focus in our reader training, because the movement through 1 to 64 is really the story of humanity and one that reveals new truths & meanings to me every single time I look at a chart). I freaking love this magic ☺

Human Design and Gender Gender is a construct that we’re being pushed to truly redefine right now, and I love what HD has to say about it. It says that each of the 64 gates has either a masculine or a feminine quality, and that everybody has a mix of both in their chart. And it’s literally impossible to become our most magnificent self if we haven’t explored how the masculine energy plays out through us and how the feminine does, no matter who we are. When we shut ourselves off from one of them, we miss so much power that we could be drawing from. The problem is that we do shut off from these because we have so much bull**** conditioning about what the masculine and feminine means. Everybody on this planet has been taught to associate the yin and yang polarities with weakness and strength, better and worse, less helpful, less successful, less praised by society, and so on. When you’re with someone and getting a feel for whether their energy is predominantly masculine or feminine, it isn’t really a good assessment of their overall balance, because all you’re seeing are the energies that live more on the surface in that person. People interpret me as being very feminine; that’s only because my feminine gates are quite ‘surface’. Translated into astrology, my sun moon and mercury in Aquarius with North Node and Mars in Aries is incredibly masculine. However the Virgo rising and Mid Heaven in Taurus which are about how people see you and your reputation, are both feminine placements. It’s the same in Human Design, because HD and Astrology are inextricably linked. So am I ‘feminine’ because of how I speak, look and come across? That would be cutting me way down. Gender is a journey through all the caves of your personality and it knows no depths. We have the full spectrum of humanity inside our being, so it’s important not to identify just with what the world agrees you are, but to give yourself the freedom to play within the dance of yin and yang that’s always available when you decide it’s way more fun to simply keep discovering yourself. Polarity, after all is just the illusory journey you have to pass through in order to find your back to seeing only Oneness.

THE IMPORTANCE OF AUTHORITY Imagine if your parents had told you you don’t need to figure out HOW to get your dream life. That it’s better, quicker and more fun to listen to what your body’s drawn towards rather than what the mind is pulling you to. The mysteries of how our lives unfold is so beyond our human comprehension – so many times we look back and think this couldn’t have turned out this way even if I tried. So let’s get the message – the trying to ‘make it happen’ is overrated. We’ve been taught that the unknown is the most threatening thing to our happiness, when really it’s the only thing that makes life satisfying. There would be no point in coming here if we already knew the story. Happiness and joy come from the fact that we live in mystery, whether we like it or not, whether we’re kidding ourselves otherwise or not. There is no such thing as a guaranteed result in this material plane. If we try to control our outcomes by trying to impose a linear, structured journey on our future, we totally shut off the magic. The picture we can try to create by leading with our minds is NOWHERE near the extraordinary one that can happen when you believe that when you do your bit and follow your excitement the Universe can colour in the rest in ways unimaginable to us. This is the magic available to us when we make decisions based on our Authority in HD. Life can get so easy and successful when we follow the clues (in the form of interest and attraction) that the Universe put inside of us before we came here that are custom designed to get us to our highest purpose. We live in a loving Universe. Life is truly so simple. It’s not an accident that each of us got a different version of what gets us jazzed. God/Shakti does not waste energy on anything that isn’t perfectly designed. All we have to do is decondition from the endemic messaging that says it’s ours to worry about about, control and force. We can’t get to a heaven on Earth if we’re crushing our spirit on the way over. Pledge allegiance to your lit-Upness no matter what. 💞

FEEL LIKE A DIFFERENT ENERGY TYPE THAN THE ONE YOU ARE? Aside from the 2 ‘surface’ reasons for why this can happen (which I’ve shared before are 1. Your conditioning judges the M.O of your type as ‘bad’ so it’s harder to embrace it as it’s now part of your Shadow, or 2. birth time being imprecise or inputted incorrectly), there’s a third, REAL thing at play making you feel this way: Human Design is not black and white. All of us are all things. We’re trailblazers, doers, seers, feelers, intuitives, logicians, hard and soft – just in different closets of our personalities. If you approach HD with a separation mindset, you might believe that *only* Projectors are capable of seeing others or that MGs are the only people who can be interested in many things. But the truth is that Manifesting, Generating, Projecting and Reflecting are energies that live inside of us ALL -your energy type though, is simply the one that is dominant in you, that you have the most work to do on, & dictates how you should be exchanging energy with life. So yes, if you feel really in touch with that boss part of yourself that doesn’t give a sh** about what others think, that’s your inner Manifestor rousing up in you. We all have her and she’s here to help us get closer to living our Dharma. But if you feel that and you’re a Generator, life is simply saying your main karma is around emphasising those generator parts and healing the shadow sides that come with that. But we don’t have to shut one side of us down just because we’re also the other. If we’re using Human Design as a tool for separation between the parts of ourselves we prefer and don’t prefer, which inevitably also creates separation between us and other people we’re comparing ourselves to, we’re doing it wrong. Every single gate and channel in our chart has a projected, manifested, or generated quality (or it’s white, hence Reflector-y). So I know that it doesn’t fit into a neat little box like our egos want it to, but we are all everything. And it’s only with this understanding that we can all truly ascend to the Utopian vision of the future we’re all hoping in our heart of hearts becomes reality.

HUMAN DESIGN READER TRAINING – Level 1 My dream and goal, ever since I first discovered an obscurely known science and art called Human Design, was to make it household wisdom. It began with giving readings and talking about it on podcasts, then our online videos where people can learn to their hearts content about their own design. But I can only do so much as one person. Now is the time to help everyone who has resonated with this wisdom to spread the magic. We can only create a untipian world together. We’re only gonna make it if all of us make it together. So I’m overjoyed to share that for all the beautiful people who have messaged me about learning to give readings, please save the date of October 26 for our first Human Design reader training! It will be live in London but also Live Streamed so you can take it at home in your PJs too (or in your bath robe hehe). We’ll be sharing the full details soon but it’ll be all day, covering everything you’d need to know if you wanna do chart professionally, or incorporate it into your current vocation. And if you just wanna go deep for your family and friends that’s awesome too, because so many people these days are coming in with a karma to totally transform their tribe. Anyways – I can’t wait for this and please let me know any requests or questions in the comments. This is gonna be so much fun! 💛

🌟Single definition, splits, triple splits and quad splits🌟 The definitions have many layers to them and can tell you so much about how a person processes life, as well as how we interact with people. Everyone’s definitions look different even within the four categories listed above, but the most basic thing we can learn from the definitions is this: Single definition people are the quickest to process things in their bodies. With each split that occurs, the processing gets slower. So split definition people take a bit more time than single, triple split take even more time, and quad splits (very rare) take the most. So on top of how being emotional would make your decision making process a bit slower, if you add a split or triple split into that, you need to allow yourself eeeeven more time. One of the lessons that a soul with these qualities in their HD chart would be here to learn would be to heap on more patience, and more grace with themselves than the world has allowed them previously. It’s a portal for self-kindness, and not judging yourself when you’re not getting clarity as quick as you’d like. It doesn’t make you any less smart, or spiritually gifted, or any other crap we’ve been taught to attach to slowness. And if you’re single definition, (especially if that’s coupled with being non-emotional) – don’t get frustrated that others seem to get to clarity less quickly than you do. Give them space and time to come to things when they do; you can be that spearhead for them. We need to Reframe our relationship with time to understand that quicker isn’t better, slow isn’t worse. Time is well spent when you got the magic that moment came to gift you with (whether that’s an aha, a test, or just more joy). Let’s let it unfold instead of using it as yet another measuring stick by which we judge how well we’re doing life.

✨Reframing Generators✨ Traditional Human Design languaging will say they are the worker bees among us. And sure, they are amazing at getting shit done when they’re excited by it. But we’re coming into a time when the whole world is being pushed to Reframe the way we approach ‘work’ – not as a life-suppressing grind, but as the method by which you bring joy to yourself and value to others. And the magical thing about Generators is this: when you’re around one who’s pursuing what they love, their bodies are creating such an abundance of life force that it literally spills over into you. It can lift your mood, give you energy, rev you up, inspire you to go off and be productive, make feel optimistic about life when you don’t, reignite your passionate about something- all things that can spiral your own life upwards. This is their path. This is why I have always described Generators as juicy, sparkly, and magnetic. Because when a Generator is lit up everybody wants a piece of that magic. And that is the Divine mechanics at work, because it helps them and it helps us. If you are a Generator – following your excitement is literally the most selfless thing you can do. You can stop trying to figure out how to serve others now. It just happens by them knowing you, seeing you, consuming what you produce. Pleasure will lead you right to it. And if you know a Generator – Know that they are the ultimate people people. They love their people so hard. This is their mission. Just remember that they’re not here first to please you, because that will short circuit and everyone involved will end up depleted. Free them to pursue pleasure, and you will find, there is no better Manna in life than the love of a Generator. This is me with my Generator mama. So grateful to Human Design every day for helping me see her brilliance. (NB. Manna: n. Divine nourishment, fuel, nectar of the Gods)

REFRAME THE PODCAST! Today we’re launching our newest offering, a podcast that aims to answer all the questions our beloved community sends in. Most of the time I can get back to you on IG, but some of the questions are so juicy (and things we’re collectively wondering) that they warrant much more love and attention than that. The idea behind Reframe is that when I want to make a positive change in my life, instructions like ‘surrender to the Universe’ or ‘follow your bliss’ sometimes make me feel worse about myself rather than empowered because I don’t know HOW to bring that in to my daily experience. So then I feel like I’m just not doing the spirituality thing well enough and that’s a surefire way to stay stuck. The biggest lesson Human Design has taught me is that when you want to change something, don’t first attempt to push and force – look to change your understanding towards that thing. From there, when you have that aha moment, taking action becomes a lot easier. Changes that stick are practical tweaks we can make to what we’re currently doing. Hence our new offering is called Reframe with Jenna Zoe, because it’s about all the little ahas that changed the way I was seeing something that then effortlessly brought more upward motion into my life. I take a gentler, kinder approach with my growth than what we’re told to do, and I kinda like it. I wanted it to be straight to the point, so each episode is 15 mins or less, directly addressing something you want to know. We don’t have guests and ads because it’s not intended to be a long form podcast. I just wanna get down to the nugget ☺️ You can find us by searching ‘Reframe with Jenna Zoe’ on whatever podcast platform you like to use (iTunes, Spotify, etc). Can’t wait to see you there! 💛💛

Getting rid of our ‘faults’ Growth gets fast-tracked when we can heap on kindness and understanding towards ourselves in the moments we act out. Shaming ourselves for our shit makes us wanna not look at it, which means no transformation can happen (aka a zone I cruised in for years). If you want fast growth – try looking at your ugly parts with soft eyes. There is a good reason for every single thing a person does, good and bad – including you! So instead of seeking to control and force change, seek to understand what’s behind it instead; the clarity that brings will make the change happen as an effortless side effect. When we talk about finding out who you really are – this is it. It’s not the ways you behave, it’s the reasons and beliefs behind these ways. With this perspective we can Reframe our ‘faults’; not as things that make us unworthy, but as the flowers that trace us back to unseen roots in our story that, when brought into the Light and made peace with, will catapult us to our next level. (NB. This work is not just for our selves though – if we want to eradicate shame from the world we first have to make the promise to not do it to ourselves, because how we treat others is a just a signpost for the wounds and insecurities we have to address within. People that are lovely to themselves just can’t be shitty to others).

Did you know that conditioning distorts our self-impression? Meaning that anyone who’s holding on to conditioning (aka all of us) THINK we know who we are, but we actually don’t see the picture clearly. This means it’s totally pointless and a waste of energy to assess and judge how well we’re doing at life, because we truly have no idea. So let’s give evaluating ourselves a rest, because it doesn’t actually move us forward and often is just feeding our egos addiction to feeling unworthy. Plus, it’s freaking exhausting and I try to remind myself I could have so much more energy to divert to things that are actually gonna bear some good physical fruit in my life. Here’s the truth. You’re doing great AND there’s so much more to do. That’s life for as long as you’re in it, no matter who we are. By this measure we are completely equal. Being a spiritual person does not mean checking yourself against a list of what we think we want, should, or have to be. It means shedding the shit that’s covering the real you, and then with open hearts and minds loving the person you see underneath that gets revealed to you, day by day, with the same love you would extend to an innocent baby. That’s what discovering yourself really means. There are no good and bad qualities in Human Design, only the intention and consciousness that animates them. God/Universe/Shakti wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble to incarnate you if you weren’t a total masterpiece at your core, so trust that He/it/She did a great design job and stop looking for the magnificence of the painting before it’s even yet finished. After all – isn’t so much more fun to watch the story of a lifetime in its beautiful unfolding?

SO YOU WANNA READ CHARTS We’re planning a bunch of exciting offerings (and a platform!) in various mediums in the next few months, but my main intention is to give you exactly what you want. I would love if you could tell me your dreams of where you want your HD journey to go in the comments! Whether you wanna understand yourself deeper, read for fam and friends, integrate it into your existing work or become a reader – it’s all good and I wanna hear about your ideal scenario! This unique science has showered so many blessings on me that all I wanna do is to have the whole world be able to experience it, and in the way THEY want. I’m so grateful to all of you who are visionaries and early adopters because it makes me even more passionate about this incredible thing I stumbled on 5 years ago. Lots of love 💖

GETTING CLARITY I believe so strongly that Utopia on Earth is possible and that we came here to create it. We’re living in a time when this power has never been easier but also never been more difficult. On the one hand we can access wisdom and information to help us ascend like never before. It is mind blowing to our ancestors what we can change with a touch of a button. On the other, it has never been more challenging to have a sovereign thought or let our imagination run to its edges because we’re surrounded by easy outs – things we can easily fill our time, minds and bodies with, things that keep us numb and dumb. On a body level, eating to distract or self soothe clogs the literal movement of godliness through our cells. And it’s hard to feel like that divine open receiving vessel you are when you feel weighed down and blocked. And unconsciously allowing in millions of pieces of information and short term entertainment drains our mind battery, making it harder to actually think an individual thought. Because of this, we have no idea how powerful we are and we run the risk of living out life as a passive consumer rather than as a world-changer. But if we get into that state of cleared out body and mind, every next step, every answer and every new idea, all of which are permanently swirling around our aura, waiting to come in, finally have space to drop in. I’m reminded of this every time I sit and just be. It’s hard to do now. It requires effort of stepping away from so much. But my gosh am I in shock and awe of what comes to me and through me every time I do it. On this planet, where so many who have come before us didn’t reach their potential because they simply didn’t have the resources, we owe it to the whole of humanity to simply apply our intention. To create clarity in our minds and bodies because that blank space is the only thing we need to do for the Universe to send us literal magic. Restore your body and mind back to the way it was created, and watch Spirit flow through you to the point where you remember that you really ARE the God/Universe/Shakti.

THE COLOURED AREAS The areas that are coloured in our chart reveal the qualities that are inherent to us – we are born with them because our soul picked them to help us with this life’s mission. They are the things that come easy to us. When we’re round other people, what they subconsciously pick up on in us is the mix of all these traits, which are our energetic signature. Now just as much as we have to clear out all the ‘shoulds’ from our white areas, we have to Reframe the way we see our colour. All too often, these are places where if a primary caregiver didn’t share the same trait, we feel like we’re ‘too much’ and either shut down or disconnect from the trait out of judging that it’s unhelpful, or at worst shameful. Or if you felt like no one saw you for the things you innately are and told you that that was powerful, you would now just straight up not see the magic in something you take for granted to be able to do. Have you ever considered that just because it comes easy to you, other people will be fascinated by it, need it, be attracted to you for it, pay you a lot of money for it? These are the questions that can help you start to see your inherent inklings as the seat of your power, EVEN IF you can’t see how they’re gonna lead you to where you wanna go yet (that’s the mystery of life). Let’s say you’re a 5/1 and those investigator tendencies got you labelled as being nosy, or your chart reveals you’re a great networker but that was framed as a bad way to be. This is the time to just consider the good possibilities that could come from YOU appreciating those traits in yourself (Or it that feels too hard, at least judging it less than you did yesterday). When we see a trait, which is really a gift, and own it, the Universe can finally meet us at the level of our power and play ball in terms of better synchronicities and opportunities and people it sends our way. Power is simply = all that we really are. Let’s Reframe them. #humandesign #reframe

THE WHITE AREAS The areas that are white in our chart reveal where we didn’t choose to have the specific quality or trait that that area represents, because we just don’t need it in this life. It also is a gift because where we are white is where we are receptive and attuned to the world around us. To me our whiteness is a map of what our individual intuition, sensitivity and empathy looks like. However, because our whiteness essentially is where we’re open, this is where we’re most prone to being conditioned by the outside world. This is where we feel lack because someone has what we don’t, and as kids we feel this and start to believe something is wrong with us. Look at the white centres in your chart; these usually correlate with where you feel ‘not enough’. The key with our whiteness is to shed the beliefs that how you’re different from your primary childhood influences make you weak. If you do that, you can alchemise that whiteness into deep energetic knowing – things we sometimes call psychic gifts, oracle gifts, channeling gifts, the 8 Clair senses (clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognicance, etc). We all have the innate ability to ‘see’ beyond the physical and into the esoteric. These are not gifts reserved for a few, we’re all God-source and thud contain all the magic and wisdom of it/him/her within us. These powers are like a muscle you just have to first uncover and then train. It’s all told in your chart. 💛

The most common question I receive is can I recommend any Human Design readers for people who wanna dive deep into who they are. And the thing is, I’m the worst person to answer this question, because I don’t follow any other readers. This is what I do to make sure I’m not copying or taking inspiration, consciously or unconsciously, from somebody else’s unique way of interpreting this knowledge, so I can stay monogamous with whoever’s up there telling me what to say. It’s not about the Human Design. It’s about using the tool, just like all the other wonderful tools we have available, to help us live in truth, which it can only do when we animate it with the right intention and treat it appropriately. I’ve had many sessions with wonderful people who’ve picked up things in me that my HD chart also says. This is how I know that HD is just one medium, helping us to be us and love it. Some of these people I recommend who speak truth, no ego in the way, just out championing your greatness are @iamnataliemiles the spot on intuitive, @daradubinet who I call the Hit Woman because her splenic hits are always a bulls eye, the astrologers @danibeinstein and @barbaragold111 who have both separately helped me to my next level at times when I needed it. You guys also know the inimatable @tobemagnetic work which has created the most forward movement out of anything (but spoiler, you have to do the work). Then you can also follow @petajean_ who spits truth like she breathes, and @sourcemessages which is my favourite account on Instagram for helping me remember. I’m also beyond lucky to have two of these helpers as my cousins: @_jenasophia who changes limiting beliefs in minutes with Psych-K, and @lightwithlayla who is a channel – she’ll answer any of the questions you have when you’re feeling WTH about life. All of these people will do what HD can do for you too. This is us the other day, just being us and loving it. For those who really resonate with HD as the tool that’s calling you, my customised videos all mirror exactly how I would describe you to you in a reading – & I’m working on a resource for you to find readers real soon, without me following any of ‘em 💖

Q. How do we know if a Projector who is successful in their career is doing it by living their design? A. You can only really tell if that person is doing it the Projector way when they’ve been in that career or in their working life long enough. Burn-out is most often a slow decline and can therefore go unnoticed (by both ourselves and others) in the short term, but longevity is a beautiful revealer of Truth. Judge a Projector by the state of their health and quality of life when they’re 70 or 80. So we can confidently say Mick Jagger, Nelson Mandela and the Queen who I’ve mentioned before is my Projector expander, are all living their energy type beautifully. They have sustained their offering to the world for decades, and are still enjoying a good state of health and quality of life. If you’re a Projector, you can always get an honest assessment of how well you’re aligning with your design by checking your energy, exhaustion and general health at any given time. But only you will be able to see this. Thus, only President Obama or Brad Pitt can gauge how well they themselves are doing. It’s a long game; treat yourself good every step of the way ❤️