To me, Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to correct this lifetime around.

Human Design combines so many different schools of wisdom in one: the Hindu chakras, the Chinese iChing, conventional astrology and the kabbalistic Tree of Life – but the result is an entirely new system that’s here to realign you with exactly who you are meant to be. The most radical thing we can do for ourselves and for the collective, is be bold enough to be our real selves. We weren’t built to be all the same, and we do a disservice to our whole tribe when we hold each other to that homogeny.

We are born as our Highest Selves, naturally living our innate inclinations. But as life goes on, we are exposed to external influences (from parents, peers, school, society) that tell us to be different than what we truly are – we become conditioned out of our nature.  The journey to becoming your Highest Self is therefore not about pushing yourself to become a spiritually ‘perfect’ person, but a gentle unbecoming, or deconditioning process – coming back to your true self before the world told you how to be.

The best part is that you don’t need to make massive changes in your circumstances to make use of Human Design. “You can stay in the same job and just change the energetics of how you show up, and that changes everything,” says Zoe. “That’s what’s magical about it.”  To me it’s like reading the ‘costume’ your soul chooses to wear in this incarnation. And the more we can recognize what energies are inherently part of this costume, the more we can show up are our most authentic, happiest selves.

This world floods us with messages about who we should be in order to survive and thrive in this world – but Human Design teaches that the same advice is not correct for everybody. For example, it’s right for one person to be listening to her instincts, but not for another. One person shouldn’t be driven by a need for power and influence, and the other should.  The way I see it, it’s beautiful because there is no good and bad in Human Design, just differences – and when you accept that you are different you can really and truly accept the other for who they are too.

Our free will, when we get to know our own design better, is whether we choose to play out our inherent selves in a high-vibe or low-vibe way.

There are five main “types” in Human Design, which give us general guidance about how we should be directing our energies.  Of course, there will be more complex directions for each individual based on their chart, but this is a good place to start: 

This is why we decondition. Because when remove all the conditioning, we get back to that state of feeling joy for no reason, all the time, like we did when were kids. This is what we’re all here for. We don’t have to *find* our joy; it’s already there, and all we have to do is wipe away all the gunk – the idea that ruling your life with your thoughts is a better way to go. It show me a person who’s doing that and thriving.
These are a couple of mind-driven gunks we want to look at and remember these are not conducive to a happy and successful life: – worrying and controlling
– being a sheep to what society tells us to want and the correct way to get it
– clinging so hard to needing certain things to happen or certain outcomes the way we want them
– taking advice, even from the most ‘evolved’ people about how your best life will look – and most importantly – overthinking. Your joy, your purpose, your best self, is not something you find by sitting on your couch, searching or figuring it out. No books or podcasts or attaching yourself to powerful people will give it to you. It’s a feeling that will flit into your core, when you’re doing what feels good and easy to you, without questioning why you’re doing it or if it’s a worthy use of your time, just trusting that it’s leading you somewhere, a feeling of – wow, this is what ME, the powerful me, the happy me, feels like.
And you become that joyful happy powerful sovereign person when you commit to stringing more of those moments up together. This is the true definition of getting back to who you really are.

We are anthropocentric by nature, meaning we assume everyone works the same way as us. We believe that things that come easy to us, must come easy to everyone else so there’s no value in them. Furthermore, we may know that we’re great at connecting people, but no one told us that that would make us a millionaire one day, so we assume it can’t take us far and that we gotta become better at predicting the stock market instead if we wanna be successful (or fake a fashionable persona so we can sell stuff on Instagram).
But this is SO NOT THE CASE!
The Universe took all the unbelievable gifts and divided them among us, and your task is to be a good steward of yours: to see them, to give them space to grow, to nurture them and share them. Truly, if our parents had revered us for every single one of our easy gifts we wouldn’t be in this predicament, but don’t forget they themselves went through heavier conditioning than we did and it’s our job to clean up as much for the coming paradigm as we can (and it all starts by re-conditioning our selves).
The most immense success you can possibly have is when you lean IN to your gifts, no matter how special or unspecial you see them as today. The Universe sends you flow and easeful success when you’re giving people what comes easy to you. This is the true meaning of showing up as yourself. And what a beautiful perfect system because it suggests our social and financial economies will peak when everyone feels that THEIR job is easy.
In contrast, when you lean AWAY from your gifts due to judging them or dismissing their potential, the universe won’t send you flow and success because that way you might do some questioning and look at what you could be doing that’s more aligned with who you are (we rarely question when things are going great).
So I ask you – what is that thing(s) you do, that cost you no energy, that you could do in your sleep, that your logical mind is underestimating? Seeing them, and making friends with them again, seeing how others may marvel at how that if effortless to you, and find value in it, is the first and most important step.

A term I coined to describe getting rid of all the ‘stuff’ we pick up through our white open centres from the outside world. The places where we’re white are the places where we’re wise and empathic, but if we hold on to all this external stuff and keep it in those centres, it’s like interference on the telephone lines. As a result, we feel more drained, more confused about what part of us is really us, and it’s harder to hear our body’s intelligence. Clearing out those centres is SO important because once you get those centres back to white and open, it’s very easy to see your own colour, the places where you’re naturally gifted and talented, and to lead with those things. That’s what being your real self and sharing your true value really is! We just gotta get rid of the white noise first.
When I asked you guys about what you wanted next, emptying out was the second most popular request (after Non-specific manifesters, which we duly did a class on ☺️). And I so get it – real grounded examples of how to do things rather than just general advice helps me make changes so much easier. So! With that in mind our next live class is fully dedicated to emptying out, and it’s gonna be this Sunday, Dec 8th at 9.30am PST. I’ll cover a variety of practices, talk through how best to empty out each centre, and answer all your specific questions. Tickets are at the link in my bio under ‘Courses’. Can’t wait to see you then 💛 I’ve been itching to commune again since being with so many of you at the Reader Training and nerding out on all things HD together

Give up the need to know how all of your magic is going to add up, and just put the magic in motion. Every day, do a bit more of what you do best and let go of the need to control where it’s all headed.
Our job is to devote ourselves to sharing our gifts consistently – and when do, it triggers the Universe to get to work for us and do ITS job – to bring all the different parts together, in the right places and right times, throw in a few synchronicities, draft in some surprises, and blend it all together to create ride of a lifetime. Let’s stop thinking our lives work according to this formula where if you put in x, you get y, and open up to limitlessness of possibility, so we can bring in outcomes that are much more creative and extra-ordinary than our brains could ever come up with themselves.

You’re designed to want the things you want because the Universe sent you here as a journey of getting them. And your energy is your instrument that will help you get them. Your unique energy pattern, even though you judge it for not being ‘normal’ enough, whether that’s too slow, too inconsistent, not enough, not predictable – is the perfect energy pattern that’ll help you get your specific wants. And Human Design is the manual on how to use your unique instrument the way that will make getting your dreams with more flow and effortlessness.
You can’t get success happiness or joy doing it the way anyone else will tell you is THE guaranteed or cool way to get it. It’s in the fine tuning your own instrument that it comes – and that’s so much more fun!

When you’re worried about being able to fully show up without your health issues getting in the way, but the company handling your LiveStreaming sends you two guys called Angel and Michael 🙏🏽 You guys. I learned so much about myself this weekend. The more I show up to life, the more I see how true the wisdom of HD is. Everyone (including myself) assumed I’d be exhausted from holding a 2-day HD immersion (mostly because of the myth that non-energy beings can’t feel energetic), and yes I took it easy today, but I feel a whole new level of life-force energy dancing in my cells – because the Universe sends us everything we need & desire when we do the most ‘us’ things we could be possibly doing with our time – ailments, doubts, worries and all. I heard you loud and clear Universe.
It’s a great reminder that no matter our energy type, all of us are designed to live this way. Feeling in love with life is where we’re headed and that the path towards it is this simple formula: to share your innate gifts, in a way that adds value to others, and using a format (career/industry/niche) that makes you joyful.

And joy creates energy. Maybe the highest kind of energy that even exists.
Let’s all lean towards the things that make us feel more in love with life, even when we can’t see how’s it all gonna add up to success yet. It’s the dare we came here to accept.
Share the thing that makes you feel in love with life even though you have no idea where that can bring you 💛

The next level of you can look like:
– Changing the way you dress so that it makes you feel a bit more in your power
– Taking conscious care of how you present your energy. Straighter posture, walking how the best you would walk, eating how he/she would eat (mine would savour every bite more which keep having to remember)
– No longer using spiritual tools as a hiding place that keeps you from the doing. Sometimes it’s good to put down the books and podcasts and gurus and just take a step towards your power move. Make sure you hold your own hand through it if it feels scary.
– When you feel jealous of someone on IG, choosing to look at them and instead say wow: look at what’s possible for me to create! Thank you God/Universe/Instagram for reminding me.
– Trying to be more radically honest with your loved ones. The sweet spot is when you can say it without a charged tone, whether that is aggressive, triggered, falsely meek, or apologetic. Bc you can’t dump truth on people when it’s packaged up in a doggy diaper. Truth is sacred. It needs to be told in gold (and you can hold off on it if you’re still in the triggered phase)
– That any situation or relationship that doesn’t feel so good to you is not because of the situation or the other person – and that you will change it instantly when you regroup and choose a new energy you’d like to show up to it with
– Choosing not to getting dragged down by a moody stranger playing a bit part in your day
– Not indulging the feeling of powerlessness in you, however that looks. ‘I can’t do it’/‘I’m not good enough’ shows up in all of us, but some just choose to bulldoze over that voice, and we get our bulldozers out today if we want ☺️
– Not getting strung about things like delayed flights
– Any time you choose to remember that you are responsible for all of it
– Any time you choose to take life more lightly. Even though we are in a world that appears physical, it’s materially speaking mostly empty space and it’s form is shaped by the application of our consciousness. We think it’s all so heavy and set, but it’s LIGHT. It’s all light. And we can shape it much more effectively when we move through the world lightly ourselves

There is soooo much more to how our energy functions than just our energy type.
Did you know for example that a 4th line in your Profile makes you prone to exhaustion, and a 5th line gives you a tendency to over-energise? And furthermore, every gate and channel in your chart contains a suggestion on how you could best be maximising your energy. Which really means that our energy pattern really is just so custom designed to help us with OUR unique purpose.
That’s what I love about Human Design – it’s so multi layered and complex, that every time our egos try to use it to get separationist and dogmatic with it, the Universe says wait, there’s more. It’s the ultimate duality that we’re all so different and unique, and yet, we’re all so the same too. True consciousness is seeing the differences with reverence rather than use them to reinforce a false hierarchy our fear minds would have us create to feel safer in the world.
Celebrate the good side of the other’s inherent traits. This will bring the best out of them, and then also you.

Everything you want was custom-designed to you before you came here. AND! Right now, as we speak, it’s not that far away from you – it’s circling around you energetically, wanting to come in and be yours. The way you magnetise it in is by acting like the real you – because that creates shapes it can slot right into. When we’re not being our real selves, our energy reads like a distorted puzzle piece and those desires can’t fit to us.
In order to get back to our original shape and design, we have to step up and start acting like our true selves. It doesn’t need to be extreme overhauls – all the Universe cares about is that we continuously try to break from our conditioned habits to take little different actions that the real us would take. We tend to compartmentalise our lives – work life, romantic life, social life, family, etc. The Universe doesn’t see it that way; it sees things you do that are coming from who you really are, and things you do because of conditioning. Therefore if you’re trying to get the job of your dreams, it truly does help if you stop people pleasing around your family, or dress more how the real you wants to, or stop placating your spirit around that friend you put on a pedestal.
That’s what putting your money where your mouth is, energetically speaking. It’s that the Universe sees you as a person who’s actively engaging in the deconditioning. There is nothing that makes it want to make miracles happen for you more quickly.
So – are you ready to boldly keep asking yourself: what would the realest version of me do?

If you’re daring enough to live the way you were designed you’ll get everything you want.

Getting so excited about our Human Design Reader Training this weekend! Who’s coming?
Also, I’ve had lots of people asking when is the deadline to sign up – and there isn’t one. You can literally book it the night before if that works best for you. And if you want to join but don’t have time to watch it all this weekend, don’t worry – you’ll get the recorded version so you can watch in your own time.
The link is in my bio for tickets. I feel so blessed and honoured to be sharing my passion with you!

This came up in my live class for Non-Specifics yesterday, because this is the lesson they are here to teach. But it’s wisdom and medicine for the whole of humanity.
Let’s try this week to catch ourselves in the moments we’re trying to grip, grab & clutch too hard at control, and then just gently talk ourselves out of doing it.
Ways we control:
-Thinking 1,001 steps ahead and pre-rehearsing it endlessly in our minds. Trying too hard to micro manage the unfolding of life shuts down the thousands of other possible unfoldings (most of which are better than your plan), contracts our energy field, and is a waste of time and you’ll have to re-assess as you go anyway
-Pressuring ourselves to figure out what’s the best thing for us to do next. Not all action is created equal. Aligned action (aka when you act on an inspiration or intuition that came in) is conducive to moving your life forward, whereas taking action because you forced yourself to take it from the belief that you have to be ‘doing’, doesn’t.
-Forcing ourselves to do things that other people have told us are ‘necessary’ for us to enjoy success. I don’t care what coach or guru told you these are the 5 steps to take, they’re probably not YOUR 5 steps. -Clinging too hard to a desired outcome. Sometimes we get so strung out needing a certain thing to happen, when actually if we take a step back we remember that life will go on if it doesn’t and that there’s a hundred more opportunities where that came from -Convincing ourselves that good things can only happen if we’re at the wheel 24/7
-Numbing & distracting whenever we feel the fear of uncertainty. What we can do is tell ourselves uncertainty doesn’t mean badness, it means goodness. It means mystery and potential and thank GOD we’re not in charge, because something much smarter & more creative than us, is.
The only way to feel secure & happy is to welcome the unknown with open arms, & to build your trust in yourself that you’ll always try to respond in the most aligned, true-to-you way -and this trust comes by testing it out repetitiously; each time life’s Unknowns start to freak us out, it’s always an option. How would a person who trusted life do it?

WISDOM in your Human Design
Did you know that we all have different ways of cultivating wisdom?
I’ve been thinking a lot about how everyone who isn’t a 3rd or 6th line in their Profile isn’t designed to learn what they know by the trials and tribulations of life – which can be hard because it feels like the whole world operates that way.
But if you’re a 1/4, a 2/4, a 2/5, a 4/1, 5/1 or 5/2 – experience is not your teacher. It’s time to stop trying to make it that way in order to fit in or feel like your skills have validity.
Step 1 is giving yourself permission to just OWN that you learn or know things without having had to have learned it by your life experience. Resist needing to back your knowledge or wisdom up with your resume/life story.
When you are ok with, everyone else around you will be too.
Hope this helps 💛

What’s your Profile, and what’s your favourite thing about it? I’ve said it many times but to me Profile is the single most underrated thing in HD and our design would make SO much more sense if we got to know ours.

Generators often get upset when they hear they’re 37% of the population because that makes them feel unspecial. But the reason we have so many right now is because their lesson, which is that of following and honoring the particular definition of joy that God gave YOU, is the lesson we need most right now. The world REALLY needs that principle to be integrated into humanity, and you’re the people to teach us it.
So, sparkly Generators: please consider indulging in your excitement EVEN WHEN your logical brain can’t see how doing that thing could ever bring you success. Maybe no one ever told you that creating gorgeous get-togethers could make you a billionaire (bc you end up having the largest wedding planning biz in the country). Or that your ability to describe your friends so amazingly will make you the best agent in town.
The reason why specific things excite you and not your neighbour is because they are clues YOU have to follow.
Your only job is to bring down more joy on to Earth. You are the people who literally generate more of it, hence your name ☺️ But there was a condition to your contract, that says the only way you can create LASTING joy energy (that regenerates itself and is actually life-enhancing ) is not fixing other people’s lack of it, but by feeding your own. Other kinds of trying to help and lift and be productive are like a strong coffee that gives a false high in the moment but doesn’t create a measurable long term change.
When you have a strong joy foundation within, it will literally spill out of you and affect others whenever your auras are intertwined – without you even trying to raise them up. And when you’ve sprinkled joy energy onto others, that’s when they wont be able to get enough of you. Cue them wanting to work with you, send you opportunities, be around you, buy whatever it is you’re all about, and in return them becoming more energised, more productive, more happy, more lifted – it’s a win-win.

In short, Generators = joy-bringers
And each one has a unique and special way of creating it

This weekend celebrating Reflector Jordan @thebalancedblonde marry her Generator soul mate @inspire_people in Ojai was a total dream because you could feel how much they had transformed each other into higher, more open, more loving versions of themselves. And there was so much of it that it poured into everyone else in the room in excess. We were flying SO high.
And it got me thinking – people often ask me about compatibility between partners, and truth be told there’s no such thing as projectors go better with Manifestors or anything like that. But you CAN look at your lines and channels to tell you about chemistry and friendship between you – common lines and channels signal potential areas of friendship between you, and opposing lines signal potential chemistry.
I say ‘potential’ because like everything else in HD, it’s all about how you express it. With a negative or lack mindset, common lines become complacency and opposite lines become conflict.
We put so much emphasis on finding the ‘right’ partner when really, we should work on expressing what’s in us in a better way, so that we approach love with a more loving attitude. Getting rid of our fears, chipping away at rejection and abandonment and resentment, never making the other person the good guy or bad guy, opening up when all we wanna do is close off. Taking one step towards that person every single day no matter what reasons our egos will give us not to. These are the things that give us the relationship of our dreams.
The cool thing is, when you do, the other person will usually take your cues and follow you there. We’re all dying to live more in love, we just need to be reminded it’s an option sometimes (actually we need to re-remember every day).
Whatever you desire more of in your romantic relationship, you can be the one to bring it in. It’s a cliché but it’s a scientific fact too – love lifts people. By modeling loving behaviour you create a template for others to use too.

Thank you Reflector Jordan for being my living reminder of that this weekend.

Not enough money.
Not enough time.
There’s not enough to go around.
I have to grab what’s mine.
I’m not enough.
I have to prove that I’m enough.
I have to get to a certain standing in order to be worthy.

Since these are the primary driving forces behind most of us out there making moves, OF COURSE we’re tired and deflated and also kinda resentful of our relationship to action.
We have a f***ed up relationship to action because we believe it’s this heavy hard thing but that we also have to sacrifice ourselves to do the heavy and hard thing in order to get what we want.

But action was not designed to be like that.
It’s supposed to be as simple as:
1. Thinking about something and it bringing you joy
2. Being so compelled by that physical feeling of joy, so excited, that you can’t help but wanna make it real
Action was designed to be fun. When we do it right it gives us energy. It makes us feel alive and full of life! The whole point of coming here to a physical world was so that we could experience the joy of playing with matter. Of seeing how incredible it is to transform physicality, to do alchemy, to invent, to create, to make art. This is the definition of magic.
Yet we’re still at a point in our history where mostly believe we’re enslaved by the physical world. We have a long history of being made to do things we don’t want to do so we have a hard time giving ourselves the bandwidth to imagine it any different.
The great news is that changing it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can start just by deciding you’re open to seeing action in a different way. You’re open to the idea that your dream life could be real. You could imagine the feeling of loving ‘doing’. You could cut out little things that make you feel enslaved to action. You could stop doing things you do because they validate you. Just do the next step that feels doable to you.
There are hundreds of thousands of people who wake up every day excited about what they get to ‘do’ as part of their job every day. Action is play for them. It’s possible for us all, and it’s our duty to make it the norm – we start by doing it for ourselves.

Ok nonspecific manifesters!
Here’s the key: ••We don’t search for our manifestations, our manifestations come to us•• I think there's such an emphasis in society now to know what you want and have it all figured out. What I really come to realize with non-specific manifestation is that this pressure to make lists or vision boards or to know what you want is really interfering in things naturally coming to us the way they’re meant to, initially presenting themselves as a casual, fleeting thought. All we have to do is notice it, and then entertain it, but never grasp. Never formulate hard plans out of pushing and forcing. A non specific manifestation is subtle process, it doesn’t sing and dance when it comes in, so we have to get attuned (and chilled) enough to notice.
Every time something comes to me where I casually think “oh it'll be cool for this to happen”, big or small, it does.

But if I'm always trying to pre-decide and ‘’take charge’ of my life, that's when I actually block those things from being able to come in and just like occur to me passively. And then they actually don’t happen.
So I want to encourage my fellow nonspecific manifesters to let go this idea that you have to know what you want out of life in order for good things to happen. You really don’t.
So just try an experiment for like 21 days or 30 days or whatever it feels comfortable, to release your dreams/plans/manifestations and see what happens.
Shall we try it together for the next month and report our findings back on Nov 20th?

Everyone on this planet was gifted with the ultimate power of all time, which is full control of our thoughts attitude and perspective, and the ability to easily change it in any moment. We can be our own coach, our own motivator, our own solution, our own medicine. All we have to do is choose to turn on those parts of us, and keep feeding them energy because otherwise the energy feeds whatever negative thoughts that have become our autopilot. We can interrupt those whenever we catch them cropping up (you can tell because you’ll feel anything less than happy) and choose a different voice.
This practice takes more effort in the beginning but it gathers momentum and becomes more automatic, until one day it’s your default setting. So don’t be discouraged by how much work it takes in the beginning.
Feeling good is a chemical reaction in the body caused by having good thoughts. It’s free and anyone can have it. Ultimately, that’s what we all want out of life. To be happy. Let’s go out and get all that we want out of life but grow good voices inside of us along the way too so that we can enjoy the fruits of life as they come along.
The time we’re living in is extreme in that we’ve never had as much access to growth tools in history, but to the same degree life has never given us more reasons & distractions not to use them.
We can lift ourselves out of ANYTHING. And there’s no limit to how high we can go if we choose to keep remembering.

ALONE TIME & togetherness
When we’re around someone else, our energy temporarily changes from being just the qualities that are in our chart to being the combination of our chart and that other person’s. We truly ‘become’ parts of that other person temporarily, or should I say we get to feel what it’s like to have qualities we don’t usually have, just while we’re with them.
This experience is amazing because it helps us taste all the aspects of humanity. It’s what makes being around people, friendships, love and relationships so enriching. It literally makes us richer in energy!
This also means getting to know our own energy, feeling our true essence, has to happen when we’re alone, because it’s not mixed up with outside factors. It’s like being able to see the wood from the trees.
One of the greatest misunderstandings in Human Design is that only certain people need alone time, or emptying out as I call it, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone who has any white areas in their chart (which is all of us), needs to empty out because the whiteness is where we take other people in.
Now emptying out is different from just any old alone time because being by yourself isn’t really enough to get in touch with yourself in a way that’ll make you stronger, more confident in who you are, and deconditioned. So many of us still feel starved of alone time because we’re spending our solo hours being mindless – watching Netflix, comfort eating, scrolling on insta. Whereas we truly could cut that time in half and feel so much more vital and excited about life if we just sat with ourselves quietly, or meditated, or contemplated.
Those who say they want alone time are people whose souls are tugging them to get to know themselves and sit in the centre of their souls more. And when you do, feeling the energies of others and exploring the world and all it has to offer, goes from draining to life-giving.
We were all created with a unique mix of qualities because we’re each like puzzle pieces of a giant beautiful picture.
When we act like the puzzle piece we actually are, we all fit better together.
We will all feel like we belong when we’re more us.

Hands down the most life changing tool we have, is the power to choose what we think – instead of letting the old cassette tape of thoughts that was installed in us run the show.
There’s a societal belief that says we have to have all our next steps in life PLANNED out in order for things to WORK out. And whenever I fall back into this old belief, I catch my mind running over time. It tries to figure out what I can control, what I can guarantee, and rehearses future scenarios non stop. And even though I do all of this to try to feel more secure, it actually creates so much insecurity and anxiety and grasping. You’ve probably been there before – where thought loops take over you uninvited and you’re almost the victim of them.
So my new tool is I remind myself that life is one great big unknown, and that the most secure I could ever become is to become REALLY comfortable in the unknown, and to operate from that truth. Everything we have and own can be taken away from us except for our consciousness. So when the controlling thoughts take over and run amuck in my mind, I remind myself that I’m the boss. And then I choose a helpful thought instead.
Not a unicorns and fairies thought. Not a woo-woo affirmation. A reality-based thought that feels true to me. And then I consciously keep repeating it in my mind until that positive loop has displaced the negative loop and I feel better. Back in charge of what I think. (Also. I think if you believe you’re in charge, life kinda reshapes around you accordingly).

Work cues for the types
You’re on the right path if your career choice checks these boxes: -Projector: your job allows you to tweak, guide, bring efficiency or improvement to products, systems, or people outside of yourself. Are you consistently observing better ways to do something(s) and then sharing these with others? -A generator’s focus should be more centred on self, and what literally generates excitement and energy in you. You will end up helping other people as a natural side effect of doing this. Stop worrying about HOW your own juiced-upness is going to affect the world around you, and just give it a chance already. There is honestly nothing more fun to others in the world than the energy of a joyful generator and the world will flock to you when you commit to letting joy lead the way every day.
NB. Be aware of endeavours that make you feel good about your self in your head (make you feel like a hard worker, strong, tough, responsible etc) but not in your body (endeavours are meant to pay you back in tangible joy, maybe not every day but certainly most days in the week).
-For MGs, same as above for Generators BUT does the job also give you space to move and wriggle the way you guys need to?
-For Manifestors, it’s less about the job itself and more about your personal energy. Are you growing your gravitas? Is doing what you’re doing getting you a following, a fan club, or a team of people getting behind you/ wanting to work with or for you? -For Reflectors, focus on what lifestyle and environment the job provides you with. Are they spaces that make you fall a little more in or out love with life?
When we’re in our Magic Lane, our job is win-win-win: we add value to others, receive an equal amount of satisfaction and happiness back, and the world is better off for it. But that sounds like an impossible conundrum if we have to figure all those details out before even starting and all that leading with the head will actually derail us.
Following the cues above will activate your true talents AND make them plain and clear for others to see, which will create limitless demand for all that you have to share. That’s the beginning of a calli