To me, Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to correct this lifetime around.

Human Design combines so many different schools of wisdom in one: the Hindu chakras, the Chinese iChing, conventional astrology and the kabbalistic Tree of Life – but the result is an entirely new system that’s here to realign you with exactly who you are meant to be. The most radical thing we can do for ourselves and for the collective, is be bold enough to be our real selves. We weren’t built to be all the same, and we do a disservice to our whole tribe when we hold each other to that homogeny.

We are born as our Highest Selves, naturally living our innate inclinations. But as life goes on, we are exposed to external influences (from parents, peers, school, society) that tell us to be different than what we truly are – we become conditioned out of our nature.  The journey to becoming your Highest Self is therefore not about pushing yourself to become a spiritually ‘perfect’ person, but a gentle unbecoming, or deconditioning process – coming back to your true self before the world told you how to be.

The best part is that you don’t need to make massive changes in your circumstances to make use of Human Design. “You can stay in the same job and just change the energetics of how you show up, and that changes everything,” says Zoe. “That’s what’s magical about it.”  To me it’s like reading the ‘costume’ your soul chooses to wear in this incarnation. And the more we can recognize what energies are inherently part of this costume, the more we can show up are our most authentic, happiest selves.

This world floods us with messages about who we should be in order to survive and thrive in this world – but Human Design teaches that the same advice is not correct for everybody. For example, it’s right for one person to be listening to her instincts, but not for another. One person shouldn’t be driven by a need for power and influence, and the other should.  The way I see it, it’s beautiful because there is no good and bad in Human Design, just differences – and when you accept that you are different you can really and truly accept the other for who they are too.

Our free will, when we get to know our own design better, is whether we choose to play out our inherent selves in a high-vibe or low-vibe way.

There are five main “types” in Human Design, which give us general guidance about how we should be directing our energies.  Of course, there will be more complex directions for each individual based on their chart, but this is a good place to start: 

Some thoughts for each type today 🤎
If you keep valuing yourself by how much you’re depleting yourself/pouring your energy into others, life will give you more options to do it.
If you keep thinking you have to make your life look like a path already trodden, you will never pave new, seemingly paths and achieve impossible feats that your soul craves.
If you want to hold on to any bitterness that arises from feeling superior to others, or from the belief that others just won’t ‘get’ you, then true, real LOVE will never be something you get to feel.
If you keep trying to micro-manage or obsess over how other people receive you, others will never become truly obsessed with you and your mission like they’re supposed to.
And Reflectors:
If you keep trying to find and define yourself as being any one way, that definition will become a prison. Embrace not knowing who the hell you’ll be tomorrow and the world will be yours.

PS. If you can identify with lots of these – that’s a good thing, it means you’re in touch with all of humanity in you. Truth is we all have all tendencies. But the way we heal humanity is by dissolving the things that our specific souls came here to work on the most. Go there first. For everyone.

Our root centre is the other centre that’s getting a MAJOR rest and reset right now.
The root governs the impetus, the get-up-and-go, self-pressure, and the adrenals. Think of it as the accelerator that gets the rest of your chart going.
No matter whether you have it filled in or not, we’ve all given the get-up-and-go too much credit – we believe you ‘have’ to have it in order to produce or be successful, AND we think that the more we push for it, the more success we’ll squeeze out.
Right now, because the ‘rat race’ is temporarily on hold, and your normal pressures to do do do aren’t so predominant, the Universe wants you to see – what is it that you feel naturally inclined towards doing? What pours forth from you naturally without your own ideas of what’s ‘good’ to do getting in the way?
Being goal-oriented is gonna go out of fashion soon. Usually we only do things because of the results they’ll get us. But now, the Universe is saying, I’m gonna nudge you to do whatever it is that actually brings you happiness in your day because I’ve removed so many exterior sources of happiness that you’ll start to need creating it on your own. From your talents. From within. From yourself. That’s what the God/Divine in us gives us – the ability to produce something out of nothing.
And if we have the discipline to stay undistracted by Netflixing or scrolling or being in our heads all day, we’ll get to really see that value can organically pour out of us without us needing to push and pressure and squeeze it out of ourselves.
Pressuring ourselves from fear or lack is counterproductive. Now’s your time to really show yourself that you are so much better off when you take all that attention you used to place on ‘keeping up’ with others, to opening up to your Self (and all the gold it’s wanting to reveal to you). And PS. I feel like the Uni is saying – you feel like you have ‘all this space and time now’; you have, do, and always will have all this space and time to mine your Gold.

70% of the population have an open ego, which is that littlest triangle in the middle of your chart that governs motivation and healthy egoic wants.
If you have an open ego, it means that it’s not energetically correct for you to be motivated and hungry 24/7 – aka that to be successful, you actually have to really go for it when you’re feeling it, but also recoup, regroup, and rethink on those days you’re feeling kind of meh. What most open egos do is miss the gifts of the unmotivated days because they’re busy telling themselves there’s something wrong with them (because we’ve been told that we can’t get anything unless we’re wanting it – not true. You only have to look around you to see people receive unexpected blessings they didn’t chase).
The open ego centre is being gifted with a huge rest and reset right now (as is the root centre, which I’ll come to in my next post). This time is gifting the open ego people among us with the opportunity to learn how to maximise the days when you’re not hungry and getting it – to understand that releasing the pressure on yourself to keep up with the drive of the hungriest people will actually get you further in life.
In normal life, experimenting with this would be almost too scary of a prospect. But now, it’s like you have weeks or months where you can drop treating work like a chase and look for what aha’s & direction will come to you naturally when you give yourself a freaking break. Those aha’s and direction are CRUCIAL because they help any action you take be more efficient and effective, so you can do less but get further.
Resist the pressure from your conditioned brain to ‘keep up’ all day every day – give it your all when you’re overcome with that genuine, excitable go-get-it, and search for the wisdom when your body tells you it doesn’t want to move. It’s telling you for a reason; can you listen?
Success is not about doing more, or constantly. It’s about making the moves the Divine is moving you to, and not exerting your precious energy unnecessarily on anything more.

Getting everything we want and living our version of Heaven on Earth starts with really seeing ourselves for who we are. The stuff we naturally are. God/Universe/Shakti installed in you all the necessary ingredients you would need to live out your utter bliss and your Dharma here. But the biggest problem is we’re all buying into the narrow definition of what power means on this planet, and thus shutting down about 80% of our own genius.
But now all that institutional, homogenised BS is crumbling right before our eyes. There is no better time to entertain the idea that you could make big waves, using what it easy and fun to you. To reframe the things you dismiss about yourself.
My question to you is: what’s something you see as weak or useless in yourself, and what would be different about your life if it turned out it was your most powerful trait? Let me know in the comments because I’d love to repost in my stories to share with our community 💗

Ps this quote is from this week’s @almost30podcast episode all about how to make the best out of this Sacred Pause, and I am so honoured to have been included because the list of guests they had on is people I majorly admire: @drjoshaxe @ramit
@mamamedicine @iamdaniellepaige @aaronxrose @animamundiherbals @thebalancedblonde @millanasnow @docjenfit and of course our fave Reflector @thebalancedblonde
You can check the episode out on all platforms and at the link in my bio. Heres to your freaking power!!

This ones for my Manis & MGs 🤎
Your urges are spontaneous, instantaneous nudges from the Universe telling you to go do something.
It’s the way Manifestors and MGs with high Manifesting energy receive guidance on what to do next. Where other energies receive the universe’s cooperation via the outside world (eg invitations, opportunities), Manifesting energy receives it from within – via these nudges. If you realised that you wanting to suggest a google hangout with a specific person, or writing something down, or reaching out to a charity, is not you but Divinity moving through you, you would never question it again in your life.
Instead, you’ve come to believe these urges are anything but Divine (random, irrelevant, useless), so you chain yourself to the task of doing what ‘makes sense’, what’s rational, and what wider society tells you are the obvious/logical actions you have to take to get you where you want to go.
The dare of your lifetime is to be brave enough, and curious enough to follow what Divinity is asking you to do, even if you don’t know why, ESPECIALLY if you don’t know why.
Screw what makes sense. Screw if the reason for doing it is unclear as hell to you right now.
Can you drop the pre-planning, the looking for a neat little story to tell other people about said urge so they don’t judge you, the convincing yourself that you’re still being super business-y and serious about it all – And to instead see the Manifesting energy, in all its random, unexplainable, fun-ness and irreverence as POWERFUL? Your kind of powerful. When you see it that way and do it through that lens, the world will take your cue.
Thank you for teaching us that these things are not mutually exclusive, but conducive.
I’m so happy to live in your world.

I’ve noticed such a positive shift in my energy from the fact that there’s so much less posing, posturing, fomo, keeping up with the joneses, and distraction in the world right now (including me personally).
This Sacred Pause has gifted us with an opportunity to feel into what life would look like without so much of the bullshit we accept as normal; and now Life wants to know, will you keep this centred-ness once things pick up again? Challenging times only have value if we can remember their blessings and carry them forward with us.
Hopefully, after this we won’t think that girl on Instagram is so much cooler or happier because of the bag she’s selling, or that we *have* to be at the opening of that new thing/place/club to stay hip; of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with those things, but there is when we do it from a place of desperation, lack or insecurity. We don’t need to give power to anything outside of ourselves to affirm to us we’re as great as we think we are. May we see now that we are great without it all. It’s even more delicious to enjoy all the fun and lightness that life has to offer just because it would please us, not because of it says about us, numbs for us, or confirms for us. Now and forever.

It occurred to me this morning that humanity’s survival periodically comes under threat throughout our history; 100 years ago the Spanish flu wiped out almost 100 million people and before that you had the plague and many other diseases, not to mention mass destruction and natural disasters.
But none of us have been alive during one of those phases and until now, most of us have never been made this aware of the fragility of life.

Life is fragile, and our lives are richer when we remember this.

And perhaps human consciousness needs that reminder to help its evolvement as a whole. This is not the safe cushy place we can take for granted; sure, we’ve made our advancements, but we still can’t guarantee tomorrow.

The spiritual gift here:
We can’t afford to piss our days away doing things that don’t truly feed our souls or make the world better – and that starts with cultivating happiness and contentment in ourselves. We can’t afford to indulge our bad moods or our victim stories anymore. They will still come up, that’s for sure – but now, we MUST be firm with ourselves and (lovingly) pivot out of them the quickest we can. We must stop believing in our weakness and our powerlessness. We must start believing that we are as powerful as whomever it is we look upto that we think is so mich better than us.
And most importantly, we must stop our addiction to stress and worry that’s cutting off the supply of happiness to us and thus also the world. Why? Because most of the time we DON’T do what our souls are calling us to do because we subconsciously believe we have all the time in the world to do it. Thank you Universe for putting the fire under our ass to remind us that we don’t. Creating Heaven On Earth has to start today, no matter the excuses to not because there’ll always be hundreds.
It’s your duty every single day to make your heart happy. I’m listening to Earth Wind and Fire radio and dancing around my apartment because this whole thing is just reminding me that being alive today is a blessing that I just have to make the most of.
We owe it to eachother.

In this unusual time, we’re all being asked to sit more with ourselves rather than keep distracting with this meeting, that coffee date, those errands.
I feel we’re being gifted with the opportunity to ask ourselves and reasses-
Why are we doing all the things we’re doing?What’s it all for?
Now your ‘for’ doesn’t need to be a Mother Theresa-like mission; it has to be the thing that your soul really wants, and you have to have no judgment over it. If that’s money or fame, that’s great, so long as it’s not a reaction from lack or trauma or to make you feel complete. If it’s a loving family, if it’s for freedom, if it’s peace, if it’s to impact the whole world – it’s all beautiful. But this is an opportunity to ask yourself truly – what makes this precious, incredible life worthwhile TO ME. What does my definition of a full life entail? And how is all the superfluous sh*t we fill our days with delaying us from living Heaven On Earth?
We’re not here to slave away, to validate ourselves on busyness and stress and status. We are here to have joy and pleasure in immeasurable amounts, and to playfully create utopia. Let’s remember that we can do this as soon as we decide we’re ready.
Grateful for this time where I can see all the stuff I do that actually isn’t necessary, or conducive, to actually growing my energy and life. How bout you? 💛

Q: I have a defined spleen, but I can’t hear what it’s trying to tell me!
A: There are a few factors at play here:
1. Sometimes we don’t like what it’s telling us because it’s inconvenient/not what our ego wants, so WE unknowingly quiet it down.
2. The spleen is speaking to you, but the voice of your mind is so loud and overactive that you can’t ever hear the spleen’s messages.
3. You don’t trust the spleen yet, so it’s tough to identify it’s messages as magic and divined rather than just a random thought you dismiss in your head.
A sure fire way to start to strengthen your relationship with your spleen aka instincts, whether it’s defined or not, is to keep a notes on your phone and just write it down each time you get a random ‘hit’. Even if you don’t like it, or it seems useless, irrelevant or silly. Then revisit your notes later. As they say hindsight is 20/20 and being able to see how your spleen had wisdom to give you is what will make it easier for you then lean in and trust it in the future.
For more, you can check out our Authority videos at the link in bio which go into detail on how best to make decisions with every single piotential combo of defined and undefined centres.
How’s your relationship with your spleen?

🔑The HD Dictionary🔑
Your Energy Type: the way your exchange energy with the world around you, the way you manifest potentials into reality. Some people have to run with it, others have to be asked.
Your Authority: the part of your chart that you should be listening to for no-fail guidance on what to do next. It can be the emotions, the gut, the heart – we’re all different and it’s truly fascinating that the old adages don’t help guide us all.
Your Profile = your personality. You actually have more in common with people of the same profile as you than you do with people of your same energy type! There are 12 archetypes and each one tells of the way others see you, the way you see yourself, your path to wisdom, the way you interact with others, and the way you show up to life. In my opinion the most undervalued part of human design and knowing your Profilr is guaranteed to change the way you understand yourself.
Your Signature: the tell-tale sign that happens in your life when you’re living your design
Your Not-Self: the tell-tale sign that comes in to tell you when you’re doing something that isn’t in line with your design, whether that’s thoughts beliefs or actions. Each energy type has a corresponding Signature and Not-Self.
Your Definition: how many ‘teams’ your energy centres are split up into, which affects the way you process life, feelings and thoughts, as well as how much ‘room’ there is in your life energetically for other people and the outside world in general (again – not everyone needs to be as involved with the outside as some do)
Incarnation Cross: the theme of your life, what you are here to learn, share and leave behind. There are almost 600 of these, and each one covers a different gift contained within humanity. What I love about incarnation crosses is it shows you how NECESSARY and needed each life really is.

To get a customised read on each of these parts, you can check out our bespoke videos at or at the link in bio. Understanding ourselves is where power begins 🤎

The most confusing thing in Human Design is the strategy, so I thought it could be helpful to break these down in a way that’s tangible and that we can actually use in our everyday life. When you act according to your strategy, you get more energetic bang for your buck, meaning that things you do will reap rewards and move your life forwards, and you’ll come up against less obstacles. This is because when you’re showing up in a way that’s congruent with who you actually are designed to be, the Universe sends you flow as a way of saying – keep doing more of the same honey.

Wait to respond: only make a move once something has physically literally made you excited to do it. Don’t ‘do’ prematurely just because your mind is saying you have to keep doing stuff after stuff or you’ll die/be worthless/be useless/be a failure.
To inform: share share share what you’re doing, thinking, feeling. Be an open book and communicate without any shame or hiding energy over what you’re saying, and you’ll draw the right people to you that can get on board the movement you’re creating. (If you wanna make this even more tangible – don’t be shady, don’t be small energy, don’t close down, don’t keep yourself to yourself).
To respond: Like Generators you should only commit once you’ve had a physical excitement over it, but also don’t commit too far in advance – because you’ve got the added spontaneity of Mani energy, so just because you’re excited now doesn’t mean you’ll be into it in 2 Fridays time. Leave room for change and pivots with a sense of adventure.
To wait for an invitation: Get busy refining your offering to the world. Start your business, do your thing, create your art, and as long as this process of you honing your craft is helping you become more confident over what you’ve got to offer, people are gonna start asking you for what you’ve got. Energetic facts.
To wait a full moon cycle: resist being impulsive with decisions, because more will unfold between now and the next 28 days that’ll evolve the way you feel and think about that certain thing that’s coming your way.

The day you stop judging and shushing your excitement, is the first day on your journey of mastering your purpose. If you don’t revere and follow your excitement like an artist follows her muse, you are cutting yourself off from your Divinely given purpose.
We are meant to BLINDLY follow our excitement.
But that’s hard to do in today’s world because:
1. We’re not good at doing anything blindly (🤣), reason has been given too high of a status. In Human Design knowledge is made up of equal parts logic and mystical knowing, but we’re coming out of an era where the former was the only value. So we only trust that doing something is a worthwhile thing to do if we can explain it to others.
2. Excitement is ‘uncool’ these days. True excitement is child-like in nature and we’re too busy walking around with rods in our backs trying to act the way ‘adults should’ in order to be taken seriously or get respect or praise. The very few types of excitement we do allow ourselves to show and share are cookie-cutter and even then we only let them out in certain circumstances.

I’d like to suggest you think of the thing that makes you wanna squeal from the rooftops and bring more of that into your life, WITHOUT dismissing it as a useless use of your time. God/The Universe/Shakti has a plan and you’re not privy to all the details yet (there’d be no fun in coming here if you knew the ending). But it made you excited about this specific thing you’re meant to become expert at, so that you’d have a blast every step of the way.

Most of us are so afraid to go big that we’re looking for any person or system to confirm that it’s safer to stay stuck.

And one of the best disguises for our ego’s excuses are when they look like spiritual ‘facts’. But spiritual theories and ideologies are not truly spiritual if they in some way limit us or put us on the sidelines of life. It’s on us to sift through the info, extract the expansive stuff and discard the rest.

Let’s use the spiritual nuggets that help us feel bolder and braver, and throw out the kind that validate us to let life pass us by.

– love astrology, and still make big bold moves during mercury retrograde
– wait for an invitation, but play an active hand in creating those invitations by sharing what you offer in the biggest expression possible – wait to respond, but be out there parading your vibe all over town so those things know where to find you – look into your partner’s human design, without giving it power over whether he/she is ‘right for you’ (only you two get to decide that)
– connect to your ancestors, or your angels, or your extraterrestrial cousin from another dimension, but only if it’s actually reaping measurable rewards for your life instead of making you feel somehow more valid or special – look at the 40-day practice, and draw out the overral intention of it – but do it whenever you like, and for however long you like. SKIP DAYS without letting superstition take hold, and feel powerful about it
– see a healer about your astral travelling, but don’t cling to the victim story of it. Either refine that skill, or detach from it and get better sleep
– sure meditate on something you want, but then remember it’s on you to go create it – do the trauma work, but remember all the way through it that your destination is happy
– and with every piece of spiritual advice, ask: is this helping me make moves in the world, or does it just make me feel holier/woker than thou?

Remember that spiritual seeking itself doesn’t help us rise. It’s when we choose to use it for our betterment that it becomes Magic.

Do what supports your POWER only 💛💛

Quick power tip for Manifesting Generators:
Stop waiting for people to understand you before you make a success out of your life. Once you accept all of your different passions and quirks, and decode your multi-dimensional nature is a strength and not a weakness, it’ll all make sense to them too. You’re here to show us new normals. Don’t try to fit in the box, create a box we haven’t seen done before.
You CAN be the woman who founds a literary agency but also guest stars on a tv show. You can be the one who works in finance and performs at the bar on Thursday nights. You can be the A-list actress who founds a billion dollar eco company on the side, a la Jessica Alba. Take us to the outer edges of what can be done ladies.

This is a place where you can have anything you want
You just have to take all your energy, take it out of all the distractions, and put it into feeding all that is good about you. Into basking in who you are. You are Divine. Most of us are still believing that what is so unique and powerful about us, is weak, because it’s not the prototype of what society says is powerful.
So what if today, you dare to act like all the little random things about you are your KEYS to success and happiness?
Be happy because this is a blessed place.
And you don’t have to keep looking for things that are wrong or may go wrong about it. All is good. All is blessed. You can have anything you want. Life is so simple. You don’t have to keep figuring it out. There are no rules here. No hacks. Life is whatever you believe it is. Be happy just because. That’s the big secret.

Does this action involve someone directly receiving my gifts, my guidance, my products or my services? If it’s a yes, it needs an invitation. If not, do it if you’re into it but it ain’t that deep.
These 4 words came to me as an easy way of clearing up what needs an invitation and what doesn’t. Use them as your cheat sheet dear Projector 💛

Things you DON’T need an invitation for:
– Making said gifts, guidance, products and services available/easy for people to find (aka start your business, post on social media, build your website)
– Creating your art (so paint that piece, write, take those photos, design a piece of software, come up with a system)
– Investing in your learning (so take that course, reach out to that mentor, READ)
– Going to dinner with a friend
– Eating that slice of pineapple 🤣

Think of something you really want to happen in your life.

Now ponder:
What if there’s an easier way this could come about than what I’ve projected or calculated in my mind?

Because there is, there always is, and you don’t have to know what it is. You just have to be clear that you know it exists. SUCH a powerful message to give the Universe so it can get to work reshuffling things behind the scenes on your behalf.

This is small but don’t underestimate its power, because what it does is open up your energy to a myriad of different unfoldings, instead of keep you a slave to the linear structures and time frames that limit our ability to be all the God-like qualities we came to embody: powerful, limitless, and endlessly creative.

⭐️How you know if sharing on social media is aligned for you💫
Q. Is it normal to find posting consistently on IG normal as a projector?
A. Yes, if writing or speaking or visuals isn’t one of the gifts you’re meant to be focusing on in this lifetime.
There is so much more we can shine with! Ps this is true for everyone no matter their design. Using your energy on anything less than what you’re kick-ass at, is tiring. Because the Universe is trying to tell you, spend your time and energy doing something else honey. Certain things will reap more rewards for you than the widely accepted ways of bringing success into your life. We just have to be brave enough to believe that our road will look different than any thing else we’ve seen before.

The real you is gonna change and morph over the course of your life. Literally every day is ripe with opportunities to lean into a totally different vibe.
So I sometimes feel like figuring out who you are, is nowhere near as powerful as leaving it open to discovering who you can be.
We have to make sure that finding ourselves is more about building a connection to your needs and thoughts and feelings, rather than defining yourself to feel better about who you are, or more in control. To my mind this is where spiritual work can really just become a block in our lives.
You have all the qualities of every human being inside of you and they’re yours to play with. Instead of grabbing on to a few, explore them all.
To start doing this, think of a nice human quality that you’ve told yourself is just not ‘you’, because your ego is more comfortable not identifying with it. Is it intelligent, is it funny, is it beautiful or fun or spontaneous or kick-ass or a warrior? And then ask yourself, can I see how being a little bit more that could make my life richer?
Qualities like fun and serious, like smart and naive, strong and vulnerable – these are not a binary, they are a scale, and we are all all of them in differing areas of our lives and personas.
Opening yourself up to the idea of being so broad and big and ever changing is so freeing and power-inducing because that’s the magnificence of what it is to be a human being.

Let who you are, and who you’re becoming, stay a wondrous unknown filled with rich surprise and reward.

Stop trying to make desired outcomes happen the only way you think they can happen. There are myriads of ways a thing we want can come about, but the minute we try to logically figure out the how, we’re limiting many more options of how it could unfold. This is because our human imagination, tainted by fears and logic, is limited compared to the Universe’s, so we just can’t conceive of the paths that it can.
Sure, we can try to control it and paint a nice linear path to getting it, but what that’ll for sure do is shut down the option for life to send you a random call out of nowhere, a turn on the fast track, a surprise diversion to super stardom – all more playful and fun options that means your dreams could happen TOMORROW if we stop squeezing it into a business plan.
True surrender doesn’t mean sitting on our couch envisaging our dreams; it means we engage our energy and play with life, but we’re putting one foot in front of the other whilst being loose about it. Move forward but with joy and relaxed shoulders, not with constraint and force and need. Being excited about how much more fun the unknown is than the known.