To me, Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to correct this lifetime around.

Human Design combines so many different schools of wisdom in one: the Hindu chakras, the Chinese iChing, conventional astrology and the kabbalistic Tree of Life – but the result is an entirely new system that’s here to realign you with exactly who you are meant to be. The most radical thing we can do for ourselves and for the collective, is be bold enough to be our real selves. We weren’t built to be all the same, and we do a disservice to our whole tribe when we hold each other to that homogeny.

We are born as our Highest Selves, naturally living our innate inclinations. But as life goes on, we are exposed to external influences (from parents, peers, school, society) that tell us to be different than what we truly are – we become conditioned out of our nature.  The journey to becoming your Highest Self is therefore not about pushing yourself to become a spiritually ‘perfect’ person, but a gentle unbecoming, or deconditioning process – coming back to your true self before the world told you how to be.

The best part is that you don’t need to make massive changes in your circumstances to make use of Human Design. “You can stay in the same job and just change the energetics of how you show up, and that changes everything,” says Zoe. “That’s what’s magical about it.”  To me it’s like reading the ‘costume’ your soul chooses to wear in this incarnation. And the more we can recognize what energies are inherently part of this costume, the more we can show up are our most authentic, happiest selves.

This world floods us with messages about who we should be in order to survive and thrive in this world – but Human Design teaches that the same advice is not correct for everybody. For example, it’s right for one person to be listening to her instincts, but not for another. One person shouldn’t be driven by a need for power and influence, and the other should.  The way I see it, it’s beautiful because there is no good and bad in Human Design, just differences – and when you accept that you are different you can really and truly accept the other for who they are too.

Our free will, when we get to know our own design better, is whether we choose to play out our inherent selves in a high-vibe or low-vibe way.

There are five main “types” in Human Design, which give us general guidance about how we should be directing our energies.  Of course, there will be more complex directions for each individual based on their chart, but this is a good place to start: 

What if the reason we fill our days with so much scrolling and numbing and distracting is because we’re afraid to REALLY rise?
Being big and wonderful and impactful is scary as hell, especially to so many women because we’re taught that it’s threatening, that people will maybe judge us, abandon us, love us less or deem us evil/bad people if we get it.
And since to every human being, rising to success is programmed in us to happen as naturally as breathing does – are we feeling that tug towards it inside and then just resisting it in every little way we can? Clinging on to smallness because it’s comfortable and our brains show us that at least certain people like us enough as we are?
I want to suggest that this year, if you desire so much to become your highest most powerful self, to spend less time asking what you’re doing or not doing to get there, and more time asking what you’d be afraid that would happen if you got there.
And then let me tell you this – people don’t like successful people because in history it used to be that the people who rose stepped on a hundred other people to get there, oppressed, cheated, played dirty. But if you don’t go about it with this consciousness, your success is you doing your duty as a soul. It’s you becoming big and shiny and embodying your true God-like qualities of all-loving, all-giving, magnanimous, generous, warm. Shining bright and giving life to others, just like the Sun.
It’s not about you. It’s about being in service to the light that made you.
And we’re all designed to be up there together.

For real though, let’s just own our preferences, desires and wants without needing an academic science to explain it away.
Human Design, Astrology and other tools of self-discovery can be helpful to show us the inherent traits and tendencies of our BEING, but since then we have done so much LIVING that no chart could ever describe. These best use of these tools are as training wheels, which ultimately help us come back to the authority of our own lives and remembering that we are always free to do life exactly as our soul pleases.

A shout-out to moms trying to raise your kids in a conscious way whilst also on a journey of self-development yourselves. It’s not always easy, being there for yourself whilst also giving so much to your little ones.
You're bound to have moments where you don't love your kids. Where you think maybe I wasn't built to be a mom. How do I get them out of my hair. I suck at this. I’m selfish. When I asked on my IG stories for you to share a negative thought you’ve had recently, an OVERWHELMING amount was from moms thinking these kinds of things – so I wanted to create a space for you to share your negative thoughts, to get it off your chest but also to help other moms see that its normal. We have to normalise our thoughts, good and bad, if we are to solve the mental health crisis.
So, let’s move this conversation over to Facebook, where we made a group for you called Human Design Moms (& dads).
I also created this group because all of you that are implementing your human design and your kids' HD into your parenting journey, are the experts out in the field, LIVING it. And I know you have some wisdom, some findings, and some tips to share with other parents.
I hope this space lifts you up, allows you to lift others up, and helps you remember that you are both normal and very, very special. Thank you for being here.

How to give yourself a Human Design Reading:
1. Imagine all the things you’d secretly hope a reader to see in your chart.
Think of what you’d like he/she to say your future can be like
What natural gifts and talents make you powerful, and how when you use them you’ll have your dream life with very little effort
How you’ll bring so much value to the world when you’re doing what’s in your Magic Lane
Imagine them confidently painting the picture for you, as if you doing it is the easiest, most fun thing in the world.
2. Realise that the things you secretly hope to be confirmed/validated by someone else have been planted in you on purpose – God is dropping clues on your life’s direction, and giving you ease around the things you’re meant to do more of as the means of you getting there. Your dreams are tailor made to your soul. Want proof? Ask someone else what their *ideal* looks like, I guarantee it’s wildly different.

3. Confirm these secret wishes and hopes about yourself, to yourself, every day. It’s even more powerful when it comes from you.
Whenever we’re seeking outside of ourselves, we’re really just wanting someone to reflect back to us our own inner knowing. And to be honest, you only really get outside confirmation when you’ve done the inner work to *know* it in yourself already. The best of readers will simply just remind you of this.

The most common reason why we don’t get what we want is that most of don’t actually know what we want. It’s been conditioned out of us and replaced with the wants we were told to have.

So sometimes, when we’re so out of touch with our own wants, the Universe dangles a person in front of you that has one of the things that you’re meant to have too so you can go – shit I want that! It’s a remembering!

It’s the Universe’s way of helping us figure it out! Jealousy, judgment and resenting are signpost FULL OF CLUES about what we truly want and don’t want out of life!
When I started seeing every life experience as a thing that could reach me about my preferences, I stopped feeling so powerless and lost.
So take that ‘negative’ feeling as Divine, keep the message it came to show you about your desires, and don’t slow your path by spending any time judging the person who the Universe used to deliver it to you. If you really want, send them a blessing from afar.
And then bless your own future life, and give thanks for the new clarity you just got given.

May this be the year you show yourself you can be a Projector and kick ass too.

Or in place of Projector, any of the below that you may have misinterpreted as an opponent to success instead of a strength, eg: -Quad Right
-Quiet Manifestor or MG
-Open Ego


Everything in your chart is constructed to make you BIG.
Instead of judging them as reasons you’re not as good or strong as everyone else with your logical mind, leave it open. That’s easier than saying ‘realise it’s a strength’ because I certainly know that sometimes that’s hard. But leave it open and tell the Universe we’re willing to be proven wrong with our self-judgments? Stop clinging to our ‘flaws’? Stop being a voice for why we suck? That we can do (and that’s all we really need to do).

My goals as a non-specific this year:
– to be fearless with sharing my gifts so that humans can understand themselves and others more (ie. not to hold myself back, not question or edit what comes to me, and just to share share share)
– to proactively create joy in my life

Non-specifics: remember that the less you try to refine what it looks like, the better. If there’s a project or outcome you’re particularly set on, try to zoom out and ask yourself what you think that thing is going to give you or others. Then ask for that effect instead and leave the Uni to fill in how it actually unfolds. Trust me, the Universe is a far better designer than we are 😂

Specifics: realise that you’re special enough to have the exact dream that’s in your head, and don’t water it down for no one or no thing. Don’t dismiss it, revere it. It didn’t come from some random place in your head, it was given to you by God and there’s a reason why God put it in your mind’s eye to begin with: because that very dream is something he/she/it is dying to give you, if you’ll embrace it without question or judgment, and with your whole heart.

Life goal – to feel as free as I feel on vacation, in every day life. And not by cutting out any and every possible thing that could cause stress anxiety or tension – I’ve learned that I could quarantine myself in a Petri dish in a lab and still find reasons to feel them, because they’ve been engraved in us as normal tendencies to have.
The REAL freedom I’m aiming for is remembering each time that I am the one creating a negative thought around those ‘stressful’ things, and I can at any moment interrupt that addictive thought train with the truth, which is that NOTHING has control over how I feel except me.

Our world operates on the assumption that a good life doesn’t just come to us – that we have to constantly be controlling, manipulating or managing – life and situations, but mostly other people.
However, for us folks who are tapped in to how others react and feel, the ‘obvious’ controlling of suppressing, brazenly trampling or quashing others isn’t so attractive because we’d be hyper-aware of the negative consequence to the other, the fact that they’d probably not see us so favourably, and we wouldn’t like ourselves so much either.
When you combine that awareness with the belief that other people seeing you as ‘good’ or worthy is what MAKES you good and worthy, you have yourself a people pleaser. Someone who will contort out of their naturally inclined behaviour in order to ensure a favourable reaction from the other.
We go through so much time and energy wastage, which kind of leaves this sucky cloud hanging over life. And when we’re constantly being disingenuous like that we’re for sure getting further away from the self-love thing, even though it’s confusing because on the surface we’re being sweet and nice and ‘doing the right thing’ all the time.
The way out of this is to decide that YOU will be the judge of whether you’re a good or bad person. And not in a woo-woo way, as a new practice where you ask yourself whenever you feel icky after an interaction, did you do or say something with bad intentions? If the answer is yes, you’ve just uncovered your next priority to transform within yourself (by kindly and gently just leaning out of it more and more), and if no, you give yourself a freaking hug and remind yourself that it’s normal that all any of us want is love and belonging and that sometimes we bump up against each other or don’t ‘fit’ perfectly together because we have to learn love and acceptance DESPITE that, not in the absence of it, because that’s how it unconditional.

I wanted to post this today because of the contemplative window of time we’re all in, and for the fact that if we all chose to contort less, man would we have so much more energy and power to soar. Guess we may as well give it a go 🙂 Who’s with me?

Responding for Generators & MGs
Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, once said: “Generators are the luckiest beings on the planet. Everything is right there for them, all they have to do is respond”.
What he meant, is that you don’t have to do any figuring out what to do next. Guidance, as much as we may try to spiritualise it, is most powerful when it’s physical. It’s all being laid out in front of you by the Universe, like a sushi conveyor belt, and you just have to pick what pleases you. God has billions of pleasures, sights, senses, ways to create and play to offer you, in far better forms that you could ever conceive. All you have to do is keep asking yourself whether you like what’s being put in front of you or not.
Creating your ideal life is a balance between letting the Universe present you with all these options (which is blocked by overthinking it all), and then throwing your energy and passion into the ones that make you feel alive.
Put simply:
Waiting to respond = waiting til you’ve had a positive reaction in your body towards something.
Whether that’s a food, a man, a job or a hobby, big or small, wait for it to excite you and once it has, it’s yours to go get.

Transformational tools don’t inherently hold any power (whether that’s a crystal, or healer, or psych-k, hypnosis, therapy or spells); they only ‘work’ because using them entails us focusing our intention and energy on something we want to change or bring in. Thus they are simply enablers of us using our mind power to get in touch with our wishes. When we infuse them with power, they have power – but it’s also possible to change your thought patterns around something without needing something external to prompt it or make it feel like you’re doing a thing.
And when we do the ritual or the healing or the process without taking responsibilty to think or do something differently than we were before, nothing changes. Lord knows I’ve given my power over to so many modalities in the past hoping they’d alter my life, only for things to coast exactly the same as they were until I remembered I can change my own life in 5 minutes if I am brave enough to get real honest with myself.
To be clear, there’s no better or worse here; I just wanna tell you you have options – I LOVE all the physical rituals I listed at the beginning: they help me focus my intention and they feel good – but I make sure I’m clear that it’s ME who’s making the ritual powerful, not the pretty rocks.

Maybe the worst conditionings are not the ones from our past, but the one we willingly re-condition ourselves with every day – the conditioning that we’re not powerful. We spend our precious energy on distractions and cheap fillers of our time, space and bodies, so we have no empty space left to birth a new pattern, behaviour or course of action, which affirms that we’re not moving our lives forward in the stratospheric way we’d hope.
Empty space is scary because you see truth in it, bright as day. But truth is only scary when you believe you’re powerless over it. That’s the only thing we need to reframe!
You CAN see a hard thing about yourself or your life and instead of going into a shame and smallness spiral, find the new way you’d like to do things instead. It CAN be that simple. And those moves are easiest by far in empty space.
In true empty space, everything will come to you. All the genius ideas we long for, all the guidance on how to execute it, all the energy to give it. All the answers. That space is FULL of potential, but we mistake it for nothingness which is why we’re afraid to clear. We believe that having something to do is better than nothing at all, but that’s only the case if the something is a good thing. It takes courage to divorce yourself from all the occupations ‘normal people’ do every day, because we live in a culture that profits from us being plugged in. Buying, consuming, investing in others’ journeys and desires so much that our energy is moving them forward rather than us.
We need a divorce.
You have the courage to pull your energy out of bad somethings (overeating, numbing out, rushing through life, indulging in anxiety, being a people pleaser, a fixation with being busy, filling your time with stuff you don’t just 100% adore). Try just sitting and doing nothing instead. It can be uncomfortable. But that empty space you get to, doesn’t stay empty for long if you’re feeling good and positive and on a roll. It’s ripe ground for the fruits of your joy.
Empty space is a stop ON YOUR WAY to success and true happiness. Making magic just entails dipping our toes in to it just even 5% more.

How clinging to labels like sensitive, empath, etc, can keep you out of your power
Saying that other people do x y and z to us is the conditioning of victim mentality. Even when backed up by the reasons of being an empath, a star seed, whatever. Your soul chose to be a human for right now and one of the rules of this game is you have absolute power over your own mood, feelings, thoughts and personal power – anytime you choose. When we take responsibility for our mood, our state, our joy, is when we have the ability to transform not only ourselves but to reshape matter around us.
This is a lesson that I’ve had to work so hard at, because I grew up around so much blame and judgment of others, which is like a cheap hit of satisfaction – it gives you a false boost of feeling better for 5 minutes, but ultimately leaves you feeling even more incapable and stuck in the long term. Every time I’m strict with not blaming other people for my vibe, I feel SO much more like who I imagine my higher self to be, and I’m the person that BRINGS joy to the table instead of getting bitter that others aren’t making it happen for me. And as I side effect I start really loving who I show up as. It’s a win win win.
This is just a little reminder that you can always re-remember this. And that your life, your transformation, your becoming – is all about you.

This is why we decondition. Because when remove all the conditioning, we get back to that state of feeling joy for no reason, all the time, like we did when were kids. This is what we’re all here for. We don’t have to *find* our joy; it’s already there, and all we have to do is wipe away all the gunk – the idea that ruling your life with your thoughts is a better way to go. It show me a person who’s doing that and thriving.
These are a couple of mind-driven gunks we want to look at and remember these are not conducive to a happy and successful life: – worrying and controlling
– being a sheep to what society tells us to want and the correct way to get it
– clinging so hard to needing certain things to happen or certain outcomes the way we want them
– taking advice, even from the most ‘evolved’ people about how your best life will look – and most importantly – overthinking. Your joy, your purpose, your best self, is not something you find by sitting on your couch, searching or figuring it out. No books or podcasts or attaching yourself to powerful people will give it to you. It’s a feeling that will flit into your core, when you’re doing what feels good and easy to you, without questioning why you’re doing it or if it’s a worthy use of your time, just trusting that it’s leading you somewhere, a feeling of – wow, this is what ME, the powerful me, the happy me, feels like.
And you become that joyful happy powerful sovereign person when you commit to stringing more of those moments up together. This is the true definition of getting back to who you really are.

We are anthropocentric by nature, meaning we assume everyone works the same way as us. We believe that things that come easy to us, must come easy to everyone else so there’s no value in them. Furthermore, we may know that we’re great at connecting people, but no one told us that that would make us a millionaire one day, so we assume it can’t take us far and that we gotta become better at predicting the stock market instead if we wanna be successful (or fake a fashionable persona so we can sell stuff on Instagram).
But this is SO NOT THE CASE!
The Universe took all the unbelievable gifts and divided them among us, and your task is to be a good steward of yours: to see them, to give them space to grow, to nurture them and share them. Truly, if our parents had revered us for every single one of our easy gifts we wouldn’t be in this predicament, but don’t forget they themselves went through heavier conditioning than we did and it’s our job to clean up as much for the coming paradigm as we can (and it all starts by re-conditioning our selves).
The most immense success you can possibly have is when you lean IN to your gifts, no matter how special or unspecial you see them as today. The Universe sends you flow and easeful success when you’re giving people what comes easy to you. This is the true meaning of showing up as yourself. And what a beautiful perfect system because it suggests our social and financial economies will peak when everyone feels that THEIR job is easy.
In contrast, when you lean AWAY from your gifts due to judging them or dismissing their potential, the universe won’t send you flow and success because that way you might do some questioning and look at what you could be doing that’s more aligned with who you are (we rarely question when things are going great).
So I ask you – what is that thing(s) you do, that cost you no energy, that you could do in your sleep, that your logical mind is underestimating? Seeing them, and making friends with them again, seeing how others may marvel at how that if effortless to you, and find value in it, is the first and most important step.

A term I coined to describe getting rid of all the ‘stuff’ we pick up through our white open centres from the outside world. The places where we’re white are the places where we’re wise and empathic, but if we hold on to all this external stuff and keep it in those centres, it’s like interference on the telephone lines. As a result, we feel more drained, more confused about what part of us is really us, and it’s harder to hear our body’s intelligence. Clearing out those centres is SO important because once you get those centres back to white and open, it’s very easy to see your own colour, the places where you’re naturally gifted and talented, and to lead with those things. That’s what being your real self and sharing your true value really is! We just gotta get rid of the white noise first.
When I asked you guys about what you wanted next, emptying out was the second most popular request (after Non-specific manifesters, which we duly did a class on ☺️). And I so get it – real grounded examples of how to do things rather than just general advice helps me make changes so much easier. So! With that in mind our next live class is fully dedicated to emptying out, and it’s gonna be this Sunday, Dec 8th at 9.30am PST. I’ll cover a variety of practices, talk through how best to empty out each centre, and answer all your specific questions. Tickets are at the link in my bio under ‘Courses’. Can’t wait to see you then 💛 I’ve been itching to commune again since being with so many of you at the Reader Training and nerding out on all things HD together

Give up the need to know how all of your magic is going to add up, and just put the magic in motion. Every day, do a bit more of what you do best and let go of the need to control where it’s all headed.
Our job is to devote ourselves to sharing our gifts consistently – and when do, it triggers the Universe to get to work for us and do ITS job – to bring all the different parts together, in the right places and right times, throw in a few synchronicities, draft in some surprises, and blend it all together to create ride of a lifetime. Let’s stop thinking our lives work according to this formula where if you put in x, you get y, and open up to limitlessness of possibility, so we can bring in outcomes that are much more creative and extra-ordinary than our brains could ever come up with themselves.

You’re designed to want the things you want because the Universe sent you here as a journey of getting them. And your energy is your instrument that will help you get them. Your unique energy pattern, even though you judge it for not being ‘normal’ enough, whether that’s too slow, too inconsistent, not enough, not predictable – is the perfect energy pattern that’ll help you get your specific wants. And Human Design is the manual on how to use your unique instrument the way that will make getting your dreams with more flow and effortlessness.
You can’t get success happiness or joy doing it the way anyone else will tell you is THE guaranteed or cool way to get it. It’s in the fine tuning your own instrument that it comes – and that’s so much more fun!

When you’re worried about being able to fully show up without your health issues getting in the way, but the company handling your LiveStreaming sends you two guys called Angel and Michael 🙏🏽 You guys. I learned so much about myself this weekend. The more I show up to life, the more I see how true the wisdom of HD is. Everyone (including myself) assumed I’d be exhausted from holding a 2-day HD immersion (mostly because of the myth that non-energy beings can’t feel energetic), and yes I took it easy today, but I feel a whole new level of life-force energy dancing in my cells – because the Universe sends us everything we need & desire when we do the most ‘us’ things we could be possibly doing with our time – ailments, doubts, worries and all. I heard you loud and clear Universe.
It’s a great reminder that no matter our energy type, all of us are designed to live this way. Feeling in love with life is where we’re headed and that the path towards it is this simple formula: to share your innate gifts, in a way that adds value to others, and using a format (career/industry/niche) that makes you joyful.

And joy creates energy. Maybe the highest kind of energy that even exists.
Let’s all lean towards the things that make us feel more in love with life, even when we can’t see how’s it all gonna add up to success yet. It’s the dare we came here to accept.
Share the thing that makes you feel in love with life even though you have no idea where that can bring you 💛

The next level of you can look like:
– Changing the way you dress so that it makes you feel a bit more in your power
– Taking conscious care of how you present your energy. Straighter posture, walking how the best you would walk, eating how he/she would eat (mine would savour every bite more which keep having to remember)
– No longer using spiritual tools as a hiding place that keeps you from the doing. Sometimes it’s good to put down the books and podcasts and gurus and just take a step towards your power move. Make sure you hold your own hand through it if it feels scary.
– When you feel jealous of someone on IG, choosing to look at them and instead say wow: look at what’s possible for me to create! Thank you God/Universe/Instagram for reminding me.
– Trying to be more radically honest with your loved ones. The sweet spot is when you can say it without a charged tone, whether that is aggressive, triggered, falsely meek, or apologetic. Bc you can’t dump truth on people when it’s packaged up in a doggy diaper. Truth is sacred. It needs to be told in gold (and you can hold off on it if you’re still in the triggered phase)
– That any situation or relationship that doesn’t feel so good to you is not because of the situation or the other person – and that you will change it instantly when you regroup and choose a new energy you’d like to show up to it with
– Choosing not to getting dragged down by a moody stranger playing a bit part in your day
– Not indulging the feeling of powerlessness in you, however that looks. ‘I can’t do it’/‘I’m not good enough’ shows up in all of us, but some just choose to bulldoze over that voice, and we get our bulldozers out today if we want ☺️
– Not getting strung about things like delayed flights
– Any time you choose to remember that you are responsible for all of it
– Any time you choose to take life more lightly. Even though we are in a world that appears physical, it’s materially speaking mostly empty space and it’s form is shaped by the application of our consciousness. We think it’s all so heavy and set, but it’s LIGHT. It’s all light. And we can shape it much more effectively when we move through the world lightly ourselves