To me, Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to correct this lifetime around.

Human Design combines so many different schools of wisdom in one: the Hindu chakras, the Chinese iChing, conventional astrology and the kabbalistic Tree of Life – but the result is an entirely new system that’s here to realign you with exactly who you are meant to be. The most radical thing we can do for ourselves and for the collective, is be bold enough to be our real selves. We weren’t built to be all the same, and we do a disservice to our whole tribe when we hold each other to that homogeny.

We are born as our Highest Selves, naturally living our innate inclinations. But as life goes on, we are exposed to external influences (from parents, peers, school, society) that tell us to be different than what we truly are – we become conditioned out of our nature.  The journey to becoming your Highest Self is therefore not about pushing yourself to become a spiritually ‘perfect’ person, but a gentle unbecoming, or deconditioning process – coming back to your true self before the world told you how to be.

The best part is that you don’t need to make massive changes in your circumstances to make use of Human Design. “You can stay in the same job and just change the energetics of how you show up, and that changes everything,” says Zoe. “That’s what’s magical about it.”  To me it’s like reading the ‘costume’ your soul chooses to wear in this incarnation. And the more we can recognize what energies are inherently part of this costume, the more we can show up are our most authentic, happiest selves.

This world floods us with messages about who we should be in order to survive and thrive in this world – but Human Design teaches that the same advice is not correct for everybody. For example, it’s right for one person to be listening to her instincts, but not for another. One person shouldn’t be driven by a need for power and influence, and the other should.  The way I see it, it’s beautiful because there is no good and bad in Human Design, just differences – and when you accept that you are different you can really and truly accept the other for who they are too.

Our free will, when we get to know our own design better, is whether we choose to play out our inherent selves in a high-vibe or low-vibe way.

There are five main “types” in Human Design, which give us general guidance about how we should be directing our energies.  Of course, there will be more complex directions for each individual based on their chart, but this is a good place to start: 

Work cues for the types
You’re on the right path if your career choice checks these boxes: -Projector: your job allows you to tweak, guide, bring efficiency or improvement to products, systems, or people outside of yourself. Are you consistently observing better ways to do something(s) and then sharing these with others? -A generator’s focus should be more centred on self, and what literally generates excitement and energy in you. You will end up helping other people as a natural side effect of doing this. Stop worrying about HOW your own juiced-upness is going to affect the world around you, and just give it a chance already. There is honestly nothing more fun to others in the world than the energy of a joyful generator and the world will flock to you when you commit to letting joy lead the way every day.
NB. Be aware of endeavours that make you feel good about your self in your head (make you feel like a hard worker, strong, tough, responsible etc) but not in your body (endeavours are meant to pay you back in tangible joy, maybe not every day but certainly most days in the week).
-For MGs, same as above for Generators BUT does the job also give you space to move and wriggle the way you guys need to?
-For Manifestors, it’s less about the job itself and more about your personal energy. Are you growing your gravitas? Is doing what you’re doing getting you a following, a fan club, or a team of people getting behind you/ wanting to work with or for you? -For Reflectors, focus on what lifestyle and environment the job provides you with. Are they spaces that make you fall a little more in or out love with life?
When we’re in our Magic Lane, our job is win-win-win: we add value to others, receive an equal amount of satisfaction and happiness back, and the world is better off for it. But that sounds like an impossible conundrum if we have to figure all those details out before even starting and all that leading with the head will actually derail us.
Following the cues above will activate your true talents AND make them plain and clear for others to see, which will create limitless demand for all that you have to share. That’s the beginning of a calli

The reason why most people don’t grow is because they believe that uncovering any fears, flaws and negative behaviours will prove that they’re bad people, evil people, or just plain unworthy of love and value.
The best thing I think I ever did was to realise that when it comes to things we have to overcome within ourselves, we were all created equal. Everyone has their shit. The person you admire most in the world, has their shit. Once we truly see all humans on a level playing field in this regard, we won’t mind looking at, and telling the truth of, who we are today. It’s almost like it’s not the real you, but the costume you came to shed. So it has nothing to do with who you really are deep down. When we can separate our flaws from our innate value, and see that they co-exist in every human, that’s when growth can get stratospheric.
The more real you get on who you are today, the less likely you are to still be that person in a year. IF you see it as a positive opportunity to become even better than you really are. If you see it as making you weak, small and incapable, all the spiritual seeking in the world will keep you stuck. Let’s seek from a place of excitement over how much crap we get to undo!
Growth is so simple. It’s:
awareness of our patterns + the intention to do different

Having flaws doesn’t make you strong or weak.
But SEEING your flaws? That’s a superpower
Seeing them as temporary and all-changeable not ‘you’? Now you’re a superhero ☺️

Your energy type doesn’t dictate how much energy you have, it dictates your relationship to energy.
My biggest pet peeve in all of Human Design is the idea that some of us are here to push themselves and be loud and do do do, and others are here to kick back and chill and have less energy. This couldn’t be further from the truth because relaxation and success are no longer mutually exclusive. We ALL can have zest and vitality that comes from expressing our gifts with the world AND do it from a place of calm and ease. The secret is to lead with the things you’re really really good at, and to go about sharing them in a way that’s aligned with you – aka according to your design. This is the new work paradigm that’s available to all of us now – success with more ease, and tons of flow.
Your energy type simply dictates how YOU can best get to that state. Think of yourself as an alchemist and energy is your subject (whether energy in this case is people, opportunities or physical products). This is your alchemy specialty based on your energy type: 🌪Manifestors gather & rally energy 🔥MGs bring energies to new heights ✨Generators create energy & sprinkle it wherever they go 🔑Projectors tweak, guide or transmute energy 🕯Reflectors mirror energy
You don’t have to be working 24/7, burning yourself out or be super aggressive with your endeavours in order to do any of these. Just take a look at your life and figure out where you’ve been doing this alchemy all along without really trying or even noticing. This is the thing about our genius and our gifts – they’re always the things we take for granted or believe are so easy that they couldn’t possibly be special (especially because we also assume that since they’re so easy everyone else must have them too). But they ARE special. If you give them a bigger portion of your time and attention in a day than you used to, they will show you how special they are by how crazy quickly they bloom. You could take my word for it OR you could experiment with it and wait for the physical results to show you this shit is really real. I’d suggest the latter, only because it’s much more fun ☺️

Being you means letting go of any pre-decided notions of who ‘you’ is, and just being how you feel like being in the moment.

Most of us are tired and drained. This is not because of life, outside situations, or because of our design; we’re all connected to Source Energy and if unobstructed, it flows through us abundantly. We just have to be us.

Ways we are not us:
– Being ‘on’ around others. The MOST draining
– Even if we’re trying to be authentic, deciding how we’d like that authentic version to be and then contorting ourselves into it – Letting the negative beliefs that were programmed in take up too much real estate in our heads (my friend @cleowade once put it like that to me and I love it so much). Whenever you notice them, take them out every day like you take out the trash. – Any beliefs that stop us from seeing that life is an absolutely incredible gift and adventure (hello conditioning 🙋‍♀️I forget this one often)
– Being in a rush to get to a certain achievement that lies in the future rather than relaxing into today’s reality
– Not making the effort to access joy today
– Intellectualising spirituality. It ain’t complicated. All it means is letting yourself be free, unburdened, simple about things and happy, which you can do all by yourself in any moment you choose it
– Letting your mind run your choices instead of your spirit
– Saying or doing anything because it’s a habit rather than because it’s what brings the today version of you happiness and calm. I have to constantly ask myself, am I doing this because it’s my autopilot or because I love it?
– Forcing yourself to have life/your plans all figured out
– Procrastinating, hiding, and staying small. If we’re not dancing with Life, it won’t dance with us
– Not letting yourself express (scream, dance, sing, cry, play) for no reason at all other than it feels good to release rather than stuff down

Of course, we’re designed diffently in that some of us may be slower, or faster, introverted or extroverted, gregarious or quiet. But none of these things mean that you aren’t also meant to be vibrant and open and ALIVE, feeling supported by the flow of God/Shakti/Universe’s divine energy at all times.

⭐️You want the things you want for a reason⭐️
There is nothing wrong with wanting money, success, fame, impact, or being seen. These things are not inherently bad things to be motivated by. In fact everyone has a specific mix of these motivations in their charts (and some none at all). I’ve read for so many people who for example can’t stop thinking about being famous, but are so afraid of others judging them for it that they completely lock the desire away – and in reality that motivation is trying to pull them in a direction that they HAVE to go in to fulfil their potential.
The only time these things become negative, for us and the world, is when we’re doing them with lack beliefs. Primarily these are: – The belief that having fame/money/power/impact/success makes you better than others
– That you getting it means it’ll have to get taken away from someone else – That there’s not enough of it for everyone who wants it, to have it – That success is reserved for some special or gifted or lucky kinds of human being, and that we ourselves don’t ‘have what it takes’

We all have some form of these fears in us because lack mentality was the way man had to think for thousands of years (when there was limited food, when people died in childbirth, when diseases wiped out entire towns) – and long after these beliefs ensure survival, we’re still holding on to them because conditioning self-perpetuates until we actually change it. But that’s no longer our reality and it’s our duty to adapt our beliefs accordingly. Expansive mindsets breed a bigger supply of all that is good to this world.

It’s time to look inside and call bullshit on all of the lack. And to look for evidence of the new reality every single day in the world around you, until you know it deep in your bones that we’re here not only to become our best, but also to have a wonderful time doing it.

Fear of failure is one of the major categories of fear in Human Design.
But nothing that is truly meant to work out, won’t work out.
The Universe is always conspiring to bring you success, BUT it wants you to get there as your best, wisest, wholest self. SO! the only two reasons something will ever ‘fail’ are:
1. Your energy isn’t in line. Success can’t be the result if what we’re putting in is contractive energy. This could be because:
a) You’re telling yourself that doing this thing is a good idea but it’s not how you feel deep down (this means surface self and soul self are on two different pages, which creates half-ass energy no matter how hard you may ‘push’ at it on a physical level). b) Sometimes when we have no clue what to do next, we feel safer clinging to some half-exciting plan and trying to get behind it (again half-ass energy), when really we need to relax into the magic of a blank slate, which is a state of pure and total receivership of inner/upper guidance. Answers will flood in if you just stop pushing the need to have a plan all the time.
c) Negative beliefs are lurking in your mindset (there’s not enough to go around, I’m not good enough, I couldn’t be that lucky, it has to be difficult for me to succeed, everyone else is so far ahead of me, etc). If the first feeling that comes up when you think about work (in general) is worry or seriousness rather than excitement, this is a good sign that it’s your approach to work, rather than the work itself, that’s limiting your flow.
2. God, The Universe, Shakti, is blessing you with the gift of a closing door so it can move you somewhere else, somewhere that will be a better container for the most expressed You. It’s not about the actual job, it never was, it’s about whether it helps you bring your gifts out, and there will always be hundreds more ways for you to do that. (And just to spell it out in case it’s still unclear – there isn’t some secret plan of the Universe to make you fail and others succeed. No one is more powerful than you are. No one is more capable than you are . No one is more gifted than you are. You were given everything you need to exactly where you wanna go).

⭐️Manifestor tidbits⭐️ – One of the prominent not-self habits of Manifestors is they crave, need or expect support. The irony is that you’ll receive a FLOOD of people getting behind you, following you or wanting to be around you when you learn how to truly be there for yourself. – When you’re in an urge, you get a burst of energy, and then you need rest and regroup. This is how it’s best for you to operate, and any tiredness, anxiety or lack of forward movement in your life will be not from this pattern, but judgment you have over this pattern. I know it’s tough bc we don’t live in a world where this is the M.O. But don’t let your world dictate you; dictate your world and watch it shape itself to the reality you have decided on (from a true, soul place, not an ego place). – remember that if you can explain an urge, it’s not an urge. – The second you stop trying to be everyone’s best friend is the day your life will change overnight. – Don’t wait for people to understand you to give you the licensing to do what you secretly would adore to do. Get okay with it yourself and others will be sure to follow your cues, because what others respond to is not our actions but how truly confident (or not) we are when we do them.

You can do it. You can rise. You wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t. 💛

PS you can check out our Manifestor Masterclass if you want a deeper dive on these magical beings.

Human Design training – Course Content
Hey guys! I wanted to share the full curriculum of what we’ll be covering in our upcoming training on Nov 23rd & 24th with you.
Also, since a lot of you wanted to learn all the major things about HD without going into as much detail as a reader (eg. If you wanna use it in your existing coaching/intuitive business or want to be able to understand all your fam & friends) we decided to cover all those things you’d need in day 1 of the training and give you the option just to attend the 1 day. Or you can do the full immersion so that you’re able to offer professional, in-depth readings. I’m a sucker for lots of options because I feel that’s how we’ll serve everyone best.
Here’s what we’ll cover together:
LEVEL 1 (first day, Saturday Nov 23)
– How to recognize chart properties from just looking at the chart (if you don’t have the written explanations)
– Conditioning vs our inherent nature – The Energy types and what they mean (which will also be explained by the Masterclass videos included in this training)
– Signatures and Not-self themes for each energy type (covered in Masterclass videos but we will dive deep in class). – The Energy centres and what each means when it’s defined and undefined. How they connect to our body parts and chakras and the effects of that – Where & how to start the deconditioning process
– A breakdown of the Authorities and how our energy centres affect our decision making process
– Definition (single, split, triple split, quadruple split)
– The 12 Profile archetypes and how they are expressed
– The difference between personality and design

LEVEL 2 (second day) – The 64 Lines
– The 32 Channels
– The 6 different ways that each gate can be expressed
– Difference between personality gates and design gates
– Basics of the arrows
– Overview of Incarnation Crossses
– Exploring the synergy between different lines and gates
– Circuitry – Putting it all together (all the information from Level 1 and 2) so that the chart can tell you a story of who the person really is – How to structure a reading

I can’t wait! For tickets click in my bio & lmk your Qs below 💛

Just a Projector taking a nap wherever she can ☺️
Ok but seriously, I still struggle with living my design. I still, after all this time, judge my slowness (even though I get shown time and time again that it brings me success) (Projector), I go cold and hard-ass when I’m hurting (2/4), I overstimulate myself with information and media which leaves me wide awake until late at night (open Ajna), and I can get so adrenalised that I can’t hear my intuition properly (Projector, but let’s be real that’s happens to all of us). And that’s just off the top of my head.
However these fleeting moments get less and less and that’s what shows me I’m doing ok. And I celebrate the wins, like how I’ve allowed myself to be as emotional as I feel in any given moment (and seeing the strength in that), eating in a way that supports my energy, and being sooo much more accepting of my loved ones because I now see them for who THEY ARE, rather than thinking they are who my ego loves to tell me they are. I’ve never loved my loved ones more.
Most importantly, I’ve come to know that even though there will always be so much higher I can go, I am innately worthy today.
What are your wins on this journey of becoming who you came to be, and what are the things you still question?

The only real mistake you can make in your Human Design journey is to get to a point where you think you’ve mastered it all. I used to be in such a rush to be ‘done’ with this process because I thought I’d be worthier if I was ‘grown’.
But life has shown me that growth is more like a video game. Just when I get good at one aspect of my chart, and I think I’ve got it down, I’m actually just at the end of level 1 of my relationship to that aspect. And I’ll have to start level 2 next, which may mean my consciousness is slightly expanded, but also that I’ll have to go in with total humility as I’ll be learning a whole new way that this aspect of my chart shows up in me. And I wish I’d known that the secret sauce is to keep recognising and nurturing our INNATE worth, so that this growth journey is not here to validate us, but to help us feel the sweetness of life and all the things in it more profoundly.
This reconditioning journey requires total surrender to the slow unfolding of time because if you try to outsmart or rush the system, you’re leading with your mind. Faster is not better. Slower is not better. Really truly, ‘getting it’, whatever that lesson is, whenever it really comes to you, is best, because that’s when it will last forever. When you ‘get’ something deep in your consciousness, you never go back. And that’s true change.
Mastering this process is about getting over your mind’s BS day after day, and instead of thinking about how we’re gonna make growth happen, pay attention to what’s in front of you right now – because that’s the piece the Universe wants you to ‘get’ next.
And let’s remember to have the most fun we can along the way.

🌟Human Design Reader Training🌟
I’m so delighted to say that spots are now open for our HD reader training! This weekend-long workshop will teach you everything you need to know in order to give anyone a reading. We will cover energy centres, gates, channels, definitions, conditioning, fears, pressures, circuitry (ie. the flow in a chart) and how to put it all together and allow all this information to tell you a story. Plus there will be plenty of time for Qs and As. Here are the details:
When: Saturday and Sunday, Nov 23-24
Where: Re:Centre, Thames Wharf, Rainville Road, Hammersmith London W6 9HA (you can attend in-person or join us via Livestream)
Tickets: $850 (payment plan option available)
You will receive a recording of the event if you can’t catch us live, and that will be your course materials to keep coming back to.
Tickets are at the link in my bio. I’m so excited to talk about the incredible wisdom this system has to share with us all, so we can play our part in creating a world where we truly understand, and fully see, each other.

A mental Not-Self trap of each of the types:
Manifestors have an ability to self-delude like no other, which can keep them trapped in a cycle of re-telling a false reality, which in turn keeps them stuck in life.
Question: what are the perfect little stories about yourself you catch yourself repeating on autopilot to others (and yourself)? If you were forbidden from ever telling them again, what could you say instead that isn’t the perfect, confident tale tied neatly in a little bow, but more honest about what you feel just in this moment? How would it feel to stop pretending you have it all under control?
MGs can become obsessed with their achievements and capability (or perceived lack thereof). However because their path is 4 dimensional and non-linear, this fixation on an outcome for a sense of security and worth can narrow the field of opportunities that are opening up to them.
Question: what do you fear would happen to you if you didn’t ‘make it’? How would you perceive yourself and what would be so terrible about who you think that would make you? Make friends with that quality of yourself you’re so scared to discover.
Generators can be constantly wanting recognition for how much they’re doing doing doing, putting fingers in unnecessary pies, and wasting energy in places that don’t need it.
Question: what are you doing that you’re subconsciously expecting to receive respect or praise or credit for?
Projectors can get caught in a cycle of judging everyone else and looking for things in others they see as flaws, in order to feel superior because they’re getting worth from being ‘better’ than others.
Question: there isn’t a question, just stop doing it. It’s tiring you the F out 😂♥️ & keeping away full joy
Reflectors can be categorising the whole world and using labels to help them feel more secure in the way they process life.
Question: what if everyone is everything, and life is one big unknown, one big holographic illusion that shapes itself around your own consciousness and all that you see is just a reflection of all that’s inside of you anyway? (You might want post it that to your bathrooom wall so you can look at it every morning ☺️)

*the person with the best life is the one thinking the best thoughts*
One of the fundamental teachings of Human Design is that we get given one energy battery, and we are the ones that choose how to spend it. There are 3 main components of energy use: doing, thinking, and what we choose to consume (media, information, food), which all come out of this battery.
Our biggest misconception when we feel tired is we think it can be cured by doing less; But you only have to try doing nothing for a day to realise you still feel kinda whacked.
The real solution is not how we DO life, it’s how we process life. You may have heard me say before that awareness is the great healer, and this is never more true than here. Whenever you have a negative, contractive, or judgmental thought about something, try this simple but powerful 3 step process:
1. Notice it
2. Don’t judge yourself for it
And 3. challenge yourself to pick a perspective that feels more expansive
It’s really so basic but my gosh if you do this all day long, you’ll not only feel lighter in your spirit, and more in touch with your own power to change your life, but over time you’ll also find your energy levels come back.
Think of these perspective shifts as having your wiser, older Self talk you down from the soap box when you get all insecure or worried or anxious or triggered. You can ALWAYS talk yourself out of fear and back to peace and Truth. This, to me, is the REAL self-care. I can be sitting on the best beach in the world but I’m only gonna enjoy it if I’m choosing to process it as my wiser self.
The only catch with this is you can’t pick thoughts you don’t really believe. So if someone rubs you up the wrong way, you can’t pick ‘I love this person’ as your new perspective for example. You could choose – thanks Universe for showing me I’m still triggered by x and this is an opportunity for me to become better. But you pick whatever is real for you. Just keep doing it.

We’re built to play & interact with this material plane. It’d be a shame to shut ourselves off from life just because we don’t have the battery to enjoy it. (Also, re the third thing what we consume. We’ll talk about that in a next post)

Our parents and primary caregivers are by far the biggest conditioning force in our lives, so it makes sense that the best and quickest way to change society is to change the way we bring up children.
When you’re a child trying to figure out the rules of this game, you’re comparing yourself to all the people in your game as a way of assessing your world, and it can feel like all the differences between you and everyone else means you’re lacking something, which must mean you’re doing something wrong. This is the single belief that drives us to accept conditioning in the first place. If we have parents that tell us we don’t have any need to take on conditioning from anyone in the first place because lacking something is correct for us, well, just imagine how high we could fly.
What I love so much about Human Design is that it’s a languaging we can use to explain to kids that us all being different is a GOOD thing.
What creates successful, happy people is children that had 2 basic needs that were met: they felt loved (worthy of love), and they felt like they belonged (accepted for who they inherently are). We can’t ever feel like we belong and are loved if we don’t first feel seen, and our uniqueness acknowledged.
When we have the tools to help see them for who they really are we can be the beacon to hold that image for them when they sometimes falter. We can remind them that their differences aren’t random, but rather that their soul chose every single quality for the purpose of helping them live THEIR highest purpose.

I can’t wait to share more details with you on all things Human Design and parenting in our first Live Class, which will be live-streamed this Tuesday, September 10 at 9.30am PST. You’ll also have the recording to keep, whether you’re able to join us live or not. Tickets are at the link in my bio.
Changing the world can only happen one way and that’s by being a champion of our differences – whether that’s for our kids, our selves, our community or the billions of people we’ll maybe never even meet in our human race. As I once heard @glennondoyle say, we belong to each other.

The most confusing part of living your design is how to actually make decisions by listening to your authority (which is how you experience that feeling of intuition, or inner guidance).
But here’s the thing, inner guidance comes to us ALL the time – we’re just too conditioned to need to make sense of it before we listen to it. We lead with our minds and have become so used to doing it that we truly believe that intuition, too, is rational, logical, and common sense. It’s not.
So let’s make it really simple. You’re not meant to be able to make sense of your Authority. That’s God work. You’re meant to get braver and braver at trusting it, and more embracing of the unknown. So how do you know if you’re listening to your authority?
Manifestors if you can make sense of your urge, it’s not an urge.
If splenic people can explain ‘why’, it’s not your spleen talking.
If emotionals can justify their decision, they’re not truly leaning into their authority.
If you’re making excuses for your desires, you’re actually minimising the power of their guidance.
The only way we can live our design properly is to get willing to break up with the prison of the conditioned mind and just even experiment with doing things a new way. The mystical, mysterious engaging with a much higher side of ourselves that can only be accessed through trusting our bodies again.
Tell me – what are your experiences with learning to listen to your Authority? What was your biggest takeaway from our Authority course? For me, I grew up believing that emotions were silly and useless. So understanding that as an emotional authority not only were they important but they were the very source of my wisdom, was a huge journey for me (and still is).

Tidbits on good and bad charts:
– The best thing you can do when you’re looking at your chart is to realise that from the perspective of the way we were each designed, there is absolute equality. There is truly no good chart and bad chart. The charts of history’s worst criminals reveal so much brilliance and warmth, but fears and anxieties too. Just like me and you. – What determines our ascension is our intentions, and the attitude we take towards your growth – are we excited and positive about the idea of constant self-betterment, or are we so scared of what flaws we might discover about ourselves that we don’t even wanna look? (Spoiler: we have both, but hopefully we tip the balance in the right direction).
– I can assure you there is no thought or fear you’ll discover about yourself that all of your best friends don’t share too. Fundamentally we all want to belong and be loved, and we all fear we’re somehow undeserving of that. But what will make us not belong is not who we are, it’s whether as a society we’re accepting and loving enough of each other. Because love and acceptance transforms people. – Whenever you fear not belonging, it’s a call to be more accepting of others (this was a HUGE lesson for me). – All the people you put on a pedestal have just as many flaws and just as much genius as you do. The only difference is that people who live their dream lives don’t believe their flaws make them bad people, or failures, or incapable. If you want to fast track your ascension, the best thing to give up is this constant assessment we do of ourselves to figure out whether we’re good or bad people. There is no such thing. You get to choose which one you want to feed on this moment, and our life is just a string of those added up. – You deserve everything YOU truly desire, because the Universe gave YOU that specific set of dreams as the signposts of your life, telling you where to go.

More tidbits:
– after yesterday’s post about the profiles, I realised we don’t discuss them enough. To me they’re equally important as energy type. If energy type tells you how to operate, profile tells you who you are. It’s the HD of equivalent of those personality tests we love that tell us if we’re the Warrior, the Lover, the Hero, etc. Personality wise, we’re most alike people who have the same profile as us. Do you know yours? What’s your fave bit about it? Mine is that my 2/4 has taught be to be less of an ice queen and embrace the warm and fuzzy of life.
– when I first learned about my digestion profile, I didn’t ‘like’ the changes to my lifestyle I’d have to make to live by it (I’m indirect light btw). So I kind of put it in the background and cracked on with my own way. YEARS later (yes, I can be stubborn), I’m fully embracing it and my health issues are miraculously disappearing. Even though it doesn’t ‘make sense’ in the eyes of nutrition science. But more importantly my brain is firing properly, I’m clear in my thoughts and body, and I feel like I finally have ENERGY again. The lesson here is instead of letting your mind decide what’s right for you, just give it a TRY and let the side effects it brings into your life speak for themselves. Give things an opportunity to reveal their magic to you instead of letting your ego decide.
-to me there are maybe 8-10 hours worth of things to tell someone about their chart, and I want 80% of that to be readily available and accessible to everyone, reading or no reading. That’s why we offer a whole HD video library that covers all the major things in your chart – you’ve got access to around 4 or 5 readings’ worth of stuff at your fingertips, which means that you can get to intermediate level by yourself, and also that if you do book a reading, you can use it to get into the real nitty gritty of your specifics (which is what I think the magic of the readers is). They are all at under Courses. – following our Reader Training this fall, we’ll be launching a recommended readers program because I want to help readers share their gifts and give everyone who wants to have many gorgeous options.

A few HD Dating & Relationship snippets:
– if you have 4 in your Profile (aka you’re a 1/4, 2/4, 4/1 or a 4/6), you’re not designed to hook up with strangers. Everyone you have liaisons with (and indeed anyone you do business with) is energetically better if you meet them through someone else you know or through a circle of peeps you’re plugged into. The 4/6s who have been conditioned to think that being fun and adventurous is more important are the ones that fight against this the most, but that’s ok in the first 30 years of their life. This is when they’re learning through making mistakes, unlike the second phase of their lives when they’ve built up enough wisdom to not need to do so much experimenting. – if you have a 3 or a 6 in your profile, it’s advisable in most cases not to get married before your Saturn Return. This is a huge transition for all of us, but these folks in particular go through giant leaps towards who they really are during this time, so you need to see if your person is able (and excited) to keep up with your levelling up. – don’t listen to any HD that says that certain types are not meant for love. E.g. single definitions can’t be in relationships. NOT TRUE! your chart simply tells you how love can best look like for you. What’s NOT right is the construct and rules we call ‘love’ today; the truth is that our perfect love relationship might look so radically different to what society accepts is ‘a healthy relationship’. Some of us need WAY more space. Some of us will need an unconventional framework. We might need more time, less time, more touch or less touch. And what’s for sure is that ALL of us need to feel more freed by love instead of bound.
All of us will need to be brave enough to do it our way.
What makes a relationship is the presence of mutual chemistry, kinship and open-heartedness that can be shared between people. Your design will dictate how to optimise your life around it so that the good parts flourish.
PS – this is a bit of a different post for me because it’s more just tidbits on my mind instead of one longer flow. If you like the tidbits though I’ll keep em coming. Let me know what you prefer! 💖

The invitation is not a golden envelope that comes in the mail. The invitation isn’t always someone begging you for your input. And it definitely doesn’t need you to be on a pedestal, the knower of all things for it to happen. This invitation we talk about is not always literal, it’s an energy pattern that requires us to ‘feel’ our the situation, so I created this little equation that helps you tell if something’s an invitation or not.
And Projectors – if you’re wondering WHY you have to wait for an invitation (or hating it like I first did when I heard about it), it’s simply the right way for Projectors to be exchanging with others, in order for the exchange to be good for us and good for them. It means that the giver and receiver both rise as a result. When we respect our energy type, we operate on sacred cooperation by which everyone can benefit.
For non-Projectors: make sure you’re genuinely receptive and open before asking for guidance. Take all the time you need. Sooner is not better. It ensures that guidance can actually help you and it prevents uneccesary Projector bitterness 😂. We live in a win-win-win Universe: that means a TRUE win for you is also one for the other and for the state of the world in general. By living according to your strategy of waiting for the invitation, you’re allowing these divine laws of the Universe to work through you. Which is SO much for fun than pushing and forcing, that’s for sure. We’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a go.
For more on the invitation, you can check out our Masterclass on Projectors (formerly known as Mastering Your Energy Type) where we go deep into how you can bring invitations into your life, and also our YouTube video called ‘is this an invitation’, both at the link in my Profile.

The gates that are coloured in your chart pertain to certain qualities you chose to come in and explore, then hopefully master. However, they don’t have a fixed meaning. For every gate, there is a highest expression and a lowest expression, plus a whoooole scale of gray in the middle. So let’s say you have a gate that makes you a great thinker: you could use it to think about unhelpful things, think about expansive things, or not use that gift and avoid thinking altogether. The point is, Human Design charts are not as prescriptive as uou may have been lead to believe. Free will and your intention is everything. So if message 1 of Human Design is that you can’t truly ‘be’ something you’re inherently not, message 2 is you gotta transform the tools that ARE inherently yours into their most exalted. Of course that’s a nuanced and beautiful journey that lasts a lifetime, but the biggest leaps you can make towards this, whether you know nothing about the gates’ meaning or everything, is to notice when you have a thought or action that is driven by lack and fear, and to choose a better thought in that moment. This is because every lowest expression of our gates comes when lack and fear are the intentions applied into them. Lessening your lack and fear, no matter how small, always makes your aura (energetic body) resonate more closely to the magnificence it was designed to.
On top of that, if you wanna get REAL complex, there are also 6 versions of each gate, demonstrated by the fact that each of the numbers you see running down the side of your chart are followed by a decimal place between 1 and 6. So Gate 36.2 in someone manifests itself differently than someone with 36.5.
With this understanding we can once again see that Human Design is not primarily here to define us so dogmatically, but simply to bring us understanding on our own journey of ascension which no human mind, science or art could ever fully describe. (PS. gates will be a primary focus in our reader training, because the movement through 1 to 64 is really the story of humanity and one that reveals new truths & meanings to me every single time I look at a chart). I freaking love this magic ☺